TREX and Gold14 squads spend afternoon making 110 litres of soup

Lauren Wilson
Apr 10, 2019

On Sunday April 7th, swimmers, coaches and parents from TREX A,B,C and Gold14 spent their afternoon making soup for the individuals lodging at The Doorway – an organization which helps youth in Calgary get back on their feet and re-emerge into society.

“The Doorway process is based on a step by step contracting process. Participants choose each successive step they need to take to get off the streets. Participants use a formulated process to write their plan of action. They then discuss it with a volunteer or staff member. Genuine conversation is key.” – The Doorway website

The swimmers had to work together to prep, cook and organize three different types of soup.  With the help of the Soup Sisters organization, the team managed to make 110 litres of soup!

“The Doorway assists teens and young adults from the ages of 16-24 who have made the choice to transition from street culture into mainstream society.”

The Dinos made delicious soup as a simple gift to nurture and nourish. It is their hope that the availability of a fulfilling bowl of soup made by caring people from their city will assist these deserving young people on the path toward believing in themselves and imagining new possibilities for their future.

A huge thank you goes out to Sherri Buchignani for organizing as well as Kim Duggan and Margaret Russell who helped with the preparations