Snowy (Spring) Start Up

Lauren Wilson
May 14, 2019

While it was snowing outside, the Dino’s brought the heat this past weekend the UCSC Spring Start-Up.

TREX saw their third competition for this month that started with Dino Cup, followed by Fernie and Spring Start-up. Rising to the task, many TREX were able swim beyond expectations with every athlete achieving at least one best time and over half getting 3 for 3. Congratulations goes out to Saoirse McKegney for her first 2 provincial qualifying standards in the same meet, in both the 50 and the 100 Fly! Great job TREX, your coaches are very excited to see all your hard work in the pool paying off and we're looking forward to more fast swims the rest of the season.

Black and Gold 11 showed concentration in all of their events and application of techniques that they have been working so hard on in practice. With the shorter session, it can be difficult to get up and race 3 back to back races. Many G11 swimmers were able to achieve Alberta Provincial Standards in their weaker events, with special shoutouts to Rachel Wiggington for swimming to a Championship time in 50 Fly and Jordan Lloyd for reaching well beyond her age group achieving the 15 year old Championship standard in the 100 Breaststroke. Black 11 did an outstanding job of tackling never swum before events in a long course setting. Both groups are looking forward to working even harder leading up to their team travel trips and championship season.

The 12 groups showed improvement in their race execution and were able to see their hard work pay off. Gold 12 swimmers took the opportunity to apply their technical aspects from work out, but are excited to get back in the water to work more on their race shape. The 12’s are looking to build from this meet into the Island Medley and AGI swim meets.

Black and Gold 14 both had a solid morning of racing. Gold 14 saw 46 best times from 22 swimmers, including 100% best times from Gibson, Quinnlan, Kamryn C, Kaycee, Yaseen, Hayley, Theo, Ryenne, Kamryn L, Jeremy and Lorne. Many of these were achieved by having race plans/tactics and sticking to them. Black 14 is showing progress in their longer events and is looking forwarder to picking up the speed leading into their May and June meets.

No real performance highlights for G15 and B15 however it was a meet after 10 days of training after our break.  The goal was to have one thing in each race that the swimmers felt they could do at their ‘best’ racing level whether it be a skill or a tactic.  The focus was on the process of creating performances not the outcomes of our races.

Congratulations to all athletes that competed this past weekend, and good luck going forward into the tough meets ahead.