Gold15 Squad spends afternoon working to create a brighter environment for those affected by domestic violence

Lauren Wilson
Jun 20, 2019

On the afternoon of Saturday June 15th, the Gold 15 squad met up at the Sonshine Centre – which is a second stage shelter location for women and children fleeing violence in the Calgary area.

The shelter provides many services for these individuals to help get them back on their feet and move forward in life. Some of these services include but are not limited to:

  • Quality, safe and low-cost housing
  • Individual counseling
  • Counseling and play therapy for children
  • Access to resources such as healthcare, addictions services, peer support and legal support

“It was a pleasure working with the Gold 15 group last weekend and the Sonshine Centre.  Our kids took in a talk on domestic violence and then went on to do some work around the complex” said Coach Carl.

How can a group of twenty 15-18 year-old swimmers contribute? The squad spent their afternoon painting and building cedar garden boxes.  The crew also assembled a children’s playground. Their efforts served to brighten up the surroundings and give back to individuals who had been through so much already.

However, before the work even began, the swimmers received a 60-minute talk on domestic violence and on how to avoid being a bystander in those circumstances – something that not many of them had thought of before this experience.

“I have to say I was so proud of how well this group worked together. They painted a fence so fast I couldn’t believe my eyes, built a garden box that I would be proud to have in my yard and constructed a playground for young kids. They enjoyed every moment working with each other and valued giving something back to the community."