Food Bank shopping with the Black 14 Squad - Donations still needed in the summer

Lauren Wilson
Jun 25, 2019

Often, it is only during the Christmas/winter season that the Food Bank receives many of its donations. However, this hands-on organization still requires volunteers and donations throughout the year to make sure that individuals and families who utilize this service have enough to eat and feed their families.

Last weekend, the Black 14 squad therefore decided to go on a massive shopping trip for the Calgary Food Bank.

The swimmers were split into two groups and went through the list of the organization’s top needs at that time of year. Working within a budget, the athletes scoured the grocery store for the best selection of items for the organization.

The swimmers ended the trip with their carts full of staples - rice, pasta, cereal, oats and canned items but also added in quite a few other items such as nuts, some fresh produce (apples, oranges and carrots), toiletry items and laundry detergent.

It was a great reminder for the swimmers that sometimes helping in the most simple ways can make a big difference!