UCSC Covid update for June/July

Mike Blondal

Hello UCSC Membership,

Here is a brief update on the Covid-19 situation and UCSC in preparation for Tuesday June 30th UCSC Annual General Meeting.  Click here for link to the meeting.

There have been changes to guidelines as Alberta comes out slowly from the Covid-19 restrictions placed upon Canada on March 16th.  UCSC is adapting summer plans for swimming in July and August and for the start-up of the 2020-2021 swimming season. Our start-up plan is in place and it is aligned with AHS and Swim Alberta guidelines. These can be found on the Swim Alberta Covid-19 resource area (https://swimalberta.ca/covid-19/). It is encouraged that you read these documents so that you can see the opportunities it presents. It is important as we get started that we adhere to a cohort system of training as described.

We anticipate that for our normal start-up dates in September we will have our regular access to facilities and will be on a version of the guidelines as described in the above-mentioned resource. These guidelines would allow us to function close to normal with a full delivery of programs. There might need to be allowances and adaptations made due to facility guidelines that we are currently not yet aware of. UCSC’s re-launch will be based on guidelines provided by our stakeholders and they will likely have an impact on the timing, delivery and final structure of our program.  

With regards to those swimmers who traditionally would swim and train through summer (July and August) we are working to find lane space and get facilities open. We are aware that there are a few facility openings coming online for mid-July and are awaiting confirmation on the opening of the University of Calgary Aquatic Centre. 

Over the last 100+ days since the March 16th Covid -19 shut down we have been delivering the best possible program that the situation has allowed. Our swimmers have stayed in shape and have stayed in contact with their friends, training partners and coaches. UCSC has been in a philosophical mind of “Swim Club as Normal” and we plan to stay that way and adapt as changing situations demand. 


Thanks for your support 


UCSC Staff