TRIALS DAY THREE - Rob Hill finishes top five in 200IM

Lauren Wilson

The highlight of our third day at Trials was without a doubt Rob Hill's 200IM. Hill raced his way to a tight fourth place finish in the race ending with a faster time than his prelims session at 2:01.98 

Brian Palaschuk also competed in the Men's 200IM final (his third finals performance of the meet), working his way from 9th to 8th and finishing with a time of 2:03.82. 

In her third race of the weekend as well, we had Allison McCloy compete in the Women's 800Free, swimming her way to a PB of 9:02.46 and ending the race in 8th place. 

Our final race of the evening was Stephen Calkins, who raced his way up from his 10th seeded spot in prelims to a 9th place finals finish and best time of 23.02. 

Way to go Dinos!