Cascade Mini Pro / Dino Cup / Cascade Speed Meet Write Ups

Lauren Wilson





The TREX and 12 stream swimmers competing at the Cascade Mini Pro Series gained valuable experience on Friday October 29th.  The meet came right on the heels of our Team Champs and the Fall Start Up, and the Dino’s were competition-ready.  There were many best times, lots of super turns and finishes, some bungled ones (i.e. learning experiences), and a few DQS (i.e. learning experiences) in the stroke events.  The Dino’s were a big group of swimmers with wide and varied levels of expertise.  As we continue to train in ways that lead to racing, and focus on fast and efficient starts and turns, we continue to go farther, faster! 



It was great to see the club swimmers competing against the Varsity athletes from UBC and UofL. The UCSC girls finished first in the meet followed by our UofC girls finishing in a close second place. The UofC boys finished second while the UCSC boys finished third. There was a lot of excitement throughout the two days with MANY club and Provincial records falling to the athletes already this season! Check out our record breaking graphics on Instagram, Facebook and in the Dinoline to catch up on all of the fast swims! 




Our team was phenomenal in supporting each other. It was the first prelims and finals meet of the season and the Dinos absolutely decimated in Finals. As we get back into competition, the swimmers did a good job at racing fast all the way into Sunday night. It was great to see some of the older National athletes (who competed at Dino Cup) come down to the pool to support everyone racing at Finals at Cascade on both Saturday and Sunday night. It was great overall team support. We also had six athletes achieve their first ever Western Time Cut (short course). Congratulations goes out to: Rosie Housman (200Back), Andrew Fenning (400IM), OIivia Meller (50Back), Sonia Bakhshi (100/200Br), Victoria Chen (50Back) and Jordan Lloyd (50/100Br)!