Club Communication

How Do I Keep Up To Date With Club News and Events?


The Upper Canada Swim Club has invested in the Team Unify system for managing information on its website. Every family will login with their email address and a password that they will receive in an email at registration or shortly after.

The website and secure portal system provide access to all the news and events for the Club, information on Club policies and procedures, and a personalized record of your swimmer's events and meet performance. Coaching staff also provide weekly updates with interesting news about swimming in general and the Club specifically as well as pertinent meet information and highlights of club functions.

In order to get the most out of this system, it is important that you check in frequently and keep your personal information up-to-date. You can enter multiple email addresses and mobile phone numbers for receiving text messages; if you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user, you can also download the free OnDeck Parent app from the iTunes store and use it to keep track of your swimmer's information.

If you are less technically inclined, the Club keeps an up-to-date bulletin board in the North hallway at the Brockville YMCA where you can see information about programs and print versions of Club updates. Of course, the easiest and most fun way to keep up to date is to get involved with the Club - you will find other parents and volunteers around the pool any time there is a practice, so please introduce yourself!

From time to time, the Club will also conduct meetings at the Y or at other locations. Especially when you and your swimmer are new to the entire Program, a specific level or a coach, it is important that you attend these meetings. These are great opportunities to meet coaches and volunteers, understand the philosophy and design of your swimmer's program; get a feel for the commitment you and the swimmer are making, and of course ask your own questions.

Getting in Touch With Other Parents

We have received many requests to facilitate interactions between parents in the Club and while we are working on planning more events to get people together face-to-face, one way that you can access contact information on other parents. While we can't hand out people's personal information, during the registration process (or after) you can consent to make your basic contact information available on the Club website. In the upper left hand corner of this screen, you can access the "Members" listing for the Club which will show you the contact information for those parents that have consented to have it appear.

Events: Club Functions and Meets

Most of the Club's activity centers around the many events that make up a swimming season. While swim meets are obviously the focus for many swimmers and their parents, a rich swim program also includes Club Functions: social events, celebrations, fundraisers and other activities.

For many of these events, the Club will be asking for your participation with specific volunteer jobs. Jobs may range from timing at a swim meet, to bringing a potluck dish for the awards night, to chaperoning at an out of town meet. Volunteer jobs are what builds camaraderie, cohesion, spirit and success and volunteering for these jobs is a requirement of Club membership.

All events and jobs will be communicated primariliy through the Club website and will show up in the Events section of the main page. When an opportunity for your swimmer to attend a meet arrives, you will be asked to confirm your swimmer's attendance online. If you don't confirm by the deadline, your swimmer will miss the meet; meet participation is an essential part of the competitive programs, so please ensure that kids are given every opportunity to swim. When an event with job opportunities presents itself, you will see a button offering you an opportunity to sign up. Please do so! In virtually all cases, you will also be notified of events via email, but the best way to ensure you meet your commitments and more importantly, enjoy the friendly Club environment, will be to check the website.

Club News

Club news is just that: information that requires you to do nothing! However, the Coaches often share stories of the successes of Club swimmers; special team or individual achievements or educational articles that help us all work together more effectively for the success of our kids. Club news will generally be communicated on the Club website, through the Coach's email updates and on bulletin boards.


A necessary evil, your bills (which are determined by swimmer level, payment options, available discounts, fundraising activity and meet participation) will be provided through the Club website. On a monthly basis you will be provided an electronic statement that shows you your expenditures on everything from meet entries to equipment purchased through the Club. In the future, we also plan to provide you with additional online payment options.

The Little Things

One of the best and most underrated ways to keep addressed with the Club is to talk to your swimmer about everything to do with the Club. You will be amazed at how the insight they can provide as they challenge themselves and explore new attitudes about personal fitness, teamwork, commitment, perseverence and resilience.


How Do I Tell The Club What's On My Mind?

Parents are part of a three legged stool that includes the Coach and the Swimmer; keeping a strong flow of well-timed communication between all three is at the heart of a successful age group swim program.

Working with Your Coach

UCSC Coaches are experts in their field and all bring years of experience in swimming and sport to the team. The best way to help the coaches is to preserve the coach-athlete relationship when on the deck of the pool during practice or during swim meets and work with the coach to address concerns one-on-one outside of those contexts. Email is a great way to make contact with our coaches and arrange a phone call or meeting.

Addressing Concerns

If, after, approaching the Coach a concern is not resolved, the issue should be escalated to a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors can then get involved to provide a fellow parents' perspective and mediate the issue if required.

Providing Feedback

From time to time the Club may ask you to participate in surveys or other feedback-gathering exercises to gauge your satisfaction with Club operations. Please participate whenever possible.