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Information Requirements and Process

Registration for all Upper Canada Swim Club programs is completed online for speed and convenience. The online registration system is generally available three times per year (June through September, December and March), although by contacting the club through the website or by emailing you can join the Club at any time during the year.

When preparing to register online, you will need to be prepared with several pieces of information:

a)      Personal information such as name, address and phone number

b)      Emergency contact information, including health card number

c)       The email address of the person who will be principally responsible for the account

d)      Credit card information for deposit and auto-pay setup

e)      Y Membership number (for all swimmers 13 or over and those in Bronze through National) or Swim Pass number (for those 12 and under AND in Junior Otter program)

During the registration process you will be asked if you wish to buy out your service hours obligation for the year instead of completing the volunteer requirements (Bronze through National only). If you choose to buy out your service hours obligation, you will be immediately charged the full amount of the service hours obligation.

At the end of the registration process, you will be asked for a nominal non-refundable $5 deposit to secure your place on the team. You will then begin seeing regular charges, depending on your choice of payment plan and level, at the start of the next session (Oct 1, Jan 1 and Apr 1).

Once your registration and deposit have been accepted, within 10 business days your membership will be approved by the registrar and if you don’t have one already, you will be emailed login information for the website where you can keep track of your payments and charges, volunteer service hours, team events and your swimmer’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a YMCA membership or swim pass for my swimmer if I am paying UCSC membership fees?

The YMCA is an independent standalone business that grants UCSC access to its pool but requires anyone accessing its facility to be Y members. As a courtesy, the Y allows swimmers 12 years of age or under participating in the Junior Otter program to secure a swim pass instead of a full membership. A Y membership or swim pass can only be purchased through the Y.

2. Do I have to register again if I am already a member of the Club?

Existing members are required to go through the online registration process once a year in the June to September timeframe. This provides an opportunity to reconfirm understanding of fees and commitments and update personal information.

3. I can only register for one session of Junior Otter (or Cross Train) at a time but what if I want to keep swimming for the next session? 

We will automatically bill you again for the next session unless you tell us you are dropping out. However, at the end of each season you will need to re-register for the upcoming season.

4. I’ve already got a daughter in the Club and now I want to re-register her for the new season AND add her brother. How does that work?

As an existing member, when you enter the registration process it will offer you the option to re-register existing swimmers under your account AND also add new swimmers to the account.

5. How do I know what level I should register my swimmer for?

If you are an existing member, we recommend that you speak to your coach to determine what level is appropriate for your swimmer. If you are a new member and are registering a swimmer 12 or under, it is usually best to register initially for Junior Otter and then take advantage of the Club’s assessment times at the start of each session (Sept, Dec and Mar) to determine proper placement.



The Upper Canada Swim Club has made the transition to accepting credit cards as the predominant method of payment. As the Club has become more complex and participates in more meets, the number of monthly charges to members for things like meet fees has increased. In addition, the Club has decided to ease the burden of fees by offering people monthly payment plans rather than the past practice of requiring large lump sum payments. Combined, the effect of monthly payment plans and many monthly charges means the old payment methods are simply too slow, inflexible and labour intensive.

Membership Fee Payment Plans

The following represent the payment plans that members may choose from:


Payment Plan

Billing Dates

Payment Accepted

Junior Otter

Per Session

Oct 1, Jan 1, Apr 1

Credit Card

Cross Train

Per Session

Oct 1, Jan 1, Apr 1

Credit Card

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, National

Up Front Annual

Oct 1

Cheque or Credit Card


Oct 1 – June 1

Credit Card

Note: for annual payment plans, membership fees may be paid by cheque but a credit card is still required for billing monthly balances resulting from other charges and credits.

Payment plans are chosen by member, so if you have more than one swimmer in the Club you can select different payment plans for each member.

General Payment Policies

1.       All new and existing members will be required to complete registration online and provide a credit card that will be used immediately for the initial deposit and kept on file (click here for more information on our credit card processor and security measures for protecting your information)

2.       The credit card on file will be charged automatically on the 1st of each month for any outstanding balance on the account associated with recurring membership fees (depending on payment plan chosen), meet fees and other charges and credits for that month. This system is known as AutoPay

3.       A cheque will be accepted only for up-front payment of the full year’s membership fees for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and National. However, a credit card will still be required on file for monthly balances.

4.       Any balance related to incomplete volunteer service hours will be automatically added to your account and charged to your credit card on June 1 of each year.

5.       Any balance related to incomplete Fundraising obligations will also be automatically added to your account and charged to the credit card on file on June 1 of each year.

6.       Credits for gift card purchases, fundraising opportunities, early registration, and recruit-a-friend discounts will be applied directly to your account and therefore deducted from any balance owing each month.

7.       At the discretion of the Club and member, other purchases for items like away meet travel and accommodations and equipment (swim caps) may be charged to accounts and paid using the monthly AutoPay process.

8.       The following section describes Club policies for charges due when a swimmer leaves mid season.

Leaving the Club Mid-Season

Sometimes, swimmers will decide that they do not want to continue participating in the Club partway through the year. There are commitments that the Club makes on behalf of swimmers and some compensation needs to be collected in order to close accounts.

UCSC Cancellation Policy

The Governing Body (Swim Ontario and Swim Canada) fees (paid upon registration) are non-refundable.

Non-Competitive Programs:

Our non-competitive programs (Junior Otters and Cross Training) operate on the basis of three 12-week sessions per season. Membership fees are sessional and there are no additional Volunteer Hours or Swim-a-thon obligations for these groups. There are no refunds if a swimmer decides to withdraw from the program before the end of a session.

Competitive Programs:

The Upper Canada Swim Club competitive program operates on a seasonal basis from September to June of the next year. Staffing and budgeting decisions are based on the full season. Because of these obligations, it is expected that competitive swimmers also commit to stay with the Club for the full season. If, for any reason, a swimmer intends to withdraw from the Club before the end of the season, a written two-calendar month notice must be provided to the Head Coach ( and to the Board at The residual of the Volunteer Hours obligation (max of 15 points or $300) and the Swim-a-thon obligation ($250 per swimmer) must be paid in full for the season.

Free Two-Week Trial:

The ‘Free Two-Week Trial’ promotion applies only to new accounts (swimmers not registered with Swim Canada in the previous season). In that case, a full refund will be granted as long as a written notice has been provided to the Head Coach ( before the end of the two-week trial.

·         Refunds will be issued in cases where the amount already paid by the member at the point of leaving exceeds the amount that would be owing (for example, if the member paid membership fees for the entire year or bought out the year’s volunteer obligation in advance).

·         Refunds may be considered as well in special circumstances such as when a swimmer must leave the club for medical reasons. Please contact an Executive member for consideration of your special circumstance.

About Credit Card Payment

Why Credit Card Payments?

Our Club is committed to making every interaction with parents easy and hassle-free. We are also committed to making swimming as affordable as possible and that means finding ways to spread costs out throughout the season.

In our transition to offering a monthly payment plan (as opposed to writing a big cheque up front), we found the number of post-dated cheques that needed to be written in September was confusing to parents and almost impossible to track throughout the year. One estimate was that we had well over 500 cheques to cash throughout the year!

Our Club website is a way of doing business in which we committed to giving parents regular, concise statements on their expenditures with the Club. Credit card payments represent the next step, eliminating the requirement for post dates cheques and guarantee cheques for Fundraising and Volunteer Service Hours.

In setting up Auto-Pay through our registration system, you will have the choice of payment plans and will be automatically billed the outstanding balance on your account on the first of every month, when we generate your electronic invoice.

We feel this will provide a much easier way to settle your account for the Club and a much better way for the Club to communicate with you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are credit card and account info?

All families will input their bank account or credit card information privately into their own accounts. When inputting this information it is done under a HTTPS secured connection and the data is 128 bit encrypted. Not even the family can log back in and see their own information.

You can be very confident that your credit card information is secure.

When and how much does auto pay debit accounts?

Currently, credit card information is stored in the process of setting up "Auto Pay" for your family. On the first of every month, the entire outstanding balance for your account is billed to your credit card. For example, if you choose a monthly payment plan, the cost of membership fees for one month will be invoiced, along with any other meet fees or non recurring charges you have incurred. We will also apply any credits you may have earned from early registration, recruit a friend or gift card credits. The remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file.

How Do I Set Up Auto Pay with My Credit Card?

In the menu bar on the left side of our website, under the "My Account" heading, you will now notice an option that says "Setup Auto Pay". By clicking this link and following the remaining steps, you will be able to configure Auto Pay. Please note, Swim Club staff, Executive members or other volunteers cannot set this up for you and they cannot see your credit card numbers.


Can I Make a Payment via Credit Card at any time I choose?

Currently, the only option for the use of credit card is to set up Autopay. At some point in the future, it is likely that Team Unify will release functionality that will allow you to make on-demand payments (at times other than the first of the month). We do not currently have information on the availability of this feature.

Is There An Additional Fee for the Use of Credit Cards?

Though the Club does incur some costs to use credit card processing, these costs are built into the membership fees and therefore there are no additional costs for you in order to use this feature.