Thinking Of Joining?

Is Swimming right for my Son or Daughter?

The Upper Canada Swim Club recognizing that making the transition from recreational swimming or lessons to a Swim Club setting may be daunting for parents and kids alike. For that reason, UCSC swim programs are designed to represent a progression that provides an opportunity for kids to ‘grow’ into the competitive Club. This growth process will be natural, and the challenges kids encounter will be suitable for their age and ability level rather than a jarring change.

This said, UCSC offers other opportunities for parents and kids to test the waters:

  1. FREE, TWO WEEK TRIAL: All new swimmers are entitled to a free, two week trial period to get a feel for the Program. Even if you are intending to just take advantage of the trial program, we still ask that you fully register in advance – even for a free trial period, we still need personal information, contact information and health information. Most importantly, we anticipate you love the Club as much as we do and fully expect your kids will stay on past the first session.
  2. ASSESSMENT SESSION: If you’re concerned about what Program is right for your son or daughter, don’t worry; the Club offers a free assessment session in which Coaches will observe your child’s swimming ability and place them in a program that is suitable for them. In addition, you will be surprised about the rapid change in your child’s swimming ability with only a few swim practices under their belt and it often is the case that kids ‘move up’ to a new level midway through the year.  Contact the Head Coach at to arrange a time.

Should I Register Now?

If you intend to participate in a free trial or register for a session, we ask that you register online right away. Why?

  1. SPACE IS LIMITED Though the Club is actively seeking new members, space is ultimately limited to the lanes available for each level. Furthermore, earlier registrants for programs like Bronze have some choice over swim times, whereas registrants that sign up at the last minute will have to go where space is available.
  2. PROGRAM SAFETY We need your information anyway, even for a one night assessment  – in order to run a safe program, we need your contact information and health information before your kids get in the water. Registering online comes with no financial commitment; it just secures your place in line. Any deposits or cheques you provide to secure your place will not be cashed until you decide you are staying past the two week trial.
  3. SAVINGS OPPORUNITIES By registering now, you become eligible for the Recruit-a-Friend bonus, which provides up to $200 per additional new member you recruit (conditions apply) and is only available to registered members. Using this and other personal fundraising opportunities, you can totally eliminate your membership fee obligation.

What Program Do I Sign Up for When Registering?

Unless your child has competitive experience or other direction from coaches, the safest bet is to sign up for the Junior Otter program. During  the assessment and first two weeks of the Program, the Coach will observe your child closely and if necessary, recommend changes in consultation with you.

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