Volunteer Service Points

“We would rather have your time than your money”


  1. Importance of Volunteerism
  2. Volunteer Jobs, Points and Obligations
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Support Document: How to Sign Up for Jobs and Check Service Points Balance
  5. Types of Jobs


The Importance of Volunteerism

Though the Upper Canada Swim Club is a not-for-profit business that charges fees necessary to cover pool and coaching expenses, there are many other roles that must be played by volunteers in order to operate the Club smoothly and keep it affordable. The team is not just the swimmers, but also is composed of the parents and other volunteers that contribute to team success through fundraising, through volunteer jobs and by keeping a sense of team spirit and cohesion that only comes through collective effort.

Volunteer Jobs, Service Points and Obligations

  • Upper Canada Swim Club families that have swimmers registered in a competitive program are required to make a commitment to support the Club through volunteering.
  • One volunteer service point corresponds loosely to an point of service or $20 of donated goods.
  • Families back up their commitment to volunteer by agreeing to pay an amount pro-rated to the amount of their service points that they DO NOT complete - up to $300 if no volunteer service points are completed.
  • Families can choose, at registration to 'buy out' their entire service points obligation if they have no intention of completing the points.
  • Families have up to the end of June in each swim season to earn their points, after which the balance of incomplete points will be automatically charged against their credit card.


 Service Points Commitment

Guarantee Amount

Junior Otter, Cross Trainers

 No Service Points Requirement

 No Guarantee Required

Bronze Family

10 Points Per Year $200

Silver, Gold, Platinum, & National Families

15 Points Per Year


*note: if you earn all of your service points, you will not be charged anything!

  • Families can earn volunteer service points by signing up for and completing jobs at Club events.
  • When the Club posts a new event, it may also identify volunteer jobs that are required to support that event. These jobs are assigned a number of service points that go toward the family volunteer obligation, provided the job is completed.
  • Families can only sign up for jobs on the UCSC SwimCenter site in the Events area. Events that have jobs associated with them will show a small button that says “Job Sign Up” beside the name of the event. Email notifications will be sent out when jobs become available for signup.
  • When the family completes the job, a Board member or Coach will note that the job has been completed and the service points will be credited toward the obligation. The System automatically tracks the number of volunteer points accumulated by individual families. Families can check their accumulation of service points by logging in to their account on SwimCenter.
  • If the job obligation is not met by the end of the Swim Season, an amount pro-rated to the number of incomplete service points will be charged to the credit card on file. For example if a family has only earned 12 out of 15 points, they will be charged on July 1 for the unearned 3 points ($20 x 3 points = $60)
  • A penalty may be assessed to the family if they sign up for a job but do not show up without reasonable notice to the event manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What happens if a job takes more or less effort than the points would indicate?

The Club tries to assign points fairly, both by awarding the points based upon the job itself and relative to other jobs. However, points are only awarded if the job is completed in its entirety, even if it takes more time than you might have thought. Further, extra points will not be awarded if the job takes a little longer than expected.

2.       How do you decide how many service points a job is ‘worth’?

The number of points available for a job is decided in advance by the volunteer coordinator and loosely corresponds to 1 point for every hour worked or for every $20 of value donated. There are other factors that weigh in on these decisions as well such as how 'rare' a particular skill set is - for example, some officials qualifications are hard to earn and there are few people that have them so a few extra points may be awarded to incentivize participation.

3.       If I sign up for more than my 15 service point commitment, does the Club pay me?

No. The intent of the volunteer commitment is not to perform personal fundraising to offset fees but to encourage wide participation in needed volunteer jobs across the Club. Though we appreciate and encourage a spirit of volunteerism and will welcome any efforts beyond the minimum commitment, there will be no further compensation.

4.       What if I know I don’t have the time to complete any volunteer jobs at all? Can I just let the Club know this up front and buy out my guarantee?

The intention of the volunteer jobs program is to encourage participation in the many activities needed for a strong and vibrant Club. However, we also recognize that parents are busy and some may choose to simply buy out their volunteer obligation up front.

During the online registration process, you will be asked if you would rather 'buy out' your $300 commitment than do your service points. At this point, simply choose 'yes' and your credit card will be billed for the amount, with no further requirement to perform volunteer work.

5.       Who can sign up for jobs?

The intent of the volunteer system is to encourage Club members to become involved in their own Club. To this end, parents are encouraged to become involved in jobs of all kinds; some kinds of jobs may require Officials qualifications and yet other jobs are suitable for the swimmers to participate in. Generally, the more volunteers we have the better, so feel free to signup other members of your family as well. They all count toward your volunteer commitment.

6.       How many jobs can I sign up for at one event?

It depends on the event. Usually the opening position is that each family may sign up for two jobs, however depending on participation it may be opened to additional family participants later in the signup window.

7.       What happens if I sign up for an event but don’t show up?

The Club depends on your commitment. If you can’t show up, the best option is to cancel your sign-up as far in advance of the event as possible and let the Event Manager know. A 1 point deduction will be made from your service points if sufficient notice is not granted and the job is not completed by another member.

8.       I have more than two swimmers in the Club. Does that mean I have to do double the volunteer points?

No. Volunteer points are a family commitment. If you have multiple swimmers in the Club, you still only have to meet your family commitment of 15 points though we hope you will choose to do more than the minimum requirement.

9.       I have one child in Junior Otter and one child in Bronze. How many points of volunteer points do I have to do? 

Your family would have to do the 15 point commitment only.

10.   I have currently signed up my child for one session of Junior Otter. What happens if they move up to Bronze in January?

First, congratulations on your swimmer's progress! Second, for people who join the competitive levels (Bronze through National) throughout the year, their fees and volunteer points are pro-rated based on the amount of swim season left. In this case, though you started out with no volunteer points because your swimmer was in Junior Otter, you would now be required to complete volunteer points based on 2/3 of the year or a total of 10 points.


Types of Jobs

The Upper Canada Swim Club is an active organization that will provide many opportunities throughout the year to meet volunteer service points requirements. To make it as easy as possible for you to participate, the job signup system is completely online. You will be notified via email when jobs become available for signup and you can track your participation online through your SwimCenter account as well.

Generally, the UCSC Board will attempt to provide at least a month’s notice for job signups. When an event that is eligible for service points is added to the Calendar, the first step will usually be that an Event Manager job is posted. The Event Manager is also responsible for deciding what helpers or other jobs are needed for that event and how many points those jobs are ‘worth’.

Depending on the event, the types of jobs may vary. Some examples include timing at a swim meet, helping sell items at a yard sale, helping grill hot dogs, or chaperoning at an out of town meet.

Other special types of jobs include:

Board Members

The purpose of the UCSC Board, like any not-for-profit Board of Directors, is effective stewardship of the corporation. In other words, Directors must ensure the Club is sustainably solvent, healthy and meeting its legal commitments and those to its membership.

Under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and the Upper Canada Swim Club bylaws, Board members have a fiduciary duty to act in the interests of the Club and are therefore prohibited from receiving compensation of any kind for their Board work. As a result, Board membership is a pure volunteer position and members do not receive any points of credit or any other compensation for their work on the Board.

This said, Board members, as the leaders of the organization, are still required to complete their service points obligation as a minimum and therefore are free to sign up for as many jobs as they like.

Event Managers

Most events will have a Club member assigned as the Event Manager, the purpose of which is to provide overall coordination for the event.  Depending on the nature of the event, this may be a more or less involved exercise and is therefore credited with volunteer points accordingly. Typically, the first job associated with a new event that is available for signup is the Event Manager.

The Event Manager usually has the following responsibilities in addition to organizing the event itself:

1.       Identify a proposed budget (if any) for the event and secure approval of Board

2.       Identify other jobs that are needed to support the event and the number of service points associated with each.

3.       Communicate with membership to ensure jobs are filled

4.       At or after the event, validate that people who signed up for jobs actually completed the jobs by making entries in SwimCenter

There are three general classes of Event Manager job that will be associated with an event:




Typical Events

Points Credited

Event Manager 1

Little planning of work required, most work is focused on day-of preparations and communication. Little Club budget involved, little coordination of stakeholders. Generally less than 5 jobs associated with task

Bowling afternoon

Movie night

Parent welcome at swim meet

Concession stand

1-3 points

Event Manager 2

Planning work involved, possibly including Club budget, may involve communicating with multiple stakeholders like YMCA, event may involve 5-10 other jobs

Club BBQ

Car wash

Bottle drive


3-8 points

Event Manager 3

Complex planning of event requiring other stakeholders like YMCA, Swimming Canada, may include contracts for hotels, buses, management of Cash and responsibility for safety

Away meet coordination

Swim meet management

Club Awards Night


Standing Jobs

Several jobs within the Club are not event-related but are continuous responsibilities throughout the year that are important to the Membership and Club. These jobs will generally be identified and made available for signup at the beginning of the year. Some examples are included below:

Standing Job


Points of Credit

Club Administrator


Responsible for Club financial administration and accounting, receivables, payables, payroll and reporting to the Board


Equipment Manager

Responsible for taking orders for Club equipment and team clothing, fulfilling orders, delivery and communicating with treasurer to ensure correct billing. Ensure swim caps and other minor equipment items are available at meets


Gift Card Manager

Responsible for bulk purchases of grocery and gift cards, arranging venues for purchase around community, being available at pool regularly during swim times so parents may buy cards, collecting money and remitting to treasurer.


Social Convenor

Responsible for coordinating social events for both athletes and parents at home and at meets. Coordination with sponsorship team to ensure social events are aligned with sponsorship commitments.


Officials Coordinator

Ensure UCSC parents at all swim levels are qualified officials at various levels. Ensure consistent UCSC participation as officials at all meets. Ensure that a minimum number of UCSC swim parents are advancing their officiating credentials.


Website Administrator

Responsible for technical administration of the Club website, training users where required, troubleshooting and responding to general inquiries.