Your Commitments

Though the Upper Canada Swim Club is a not-for-profit corporation, that doesn't mean the Club just wants your fees. If we are going to develop first class athletes and people, we need your time and energy too. The Upper Canada Swim Club has thrived for 40 years because at every step it's coaches, swimmers and parents have recognized that everyone is a member of the team. The Club therefore asks parents to contribute on several fronts:

As result, the Club asks that you contribute not only your membership fees for participation in practices and meets, but also a little bit of time to ensure that the many events that comprise a rich and exciting season of swimming, proceed smoothly for all involved.  This may include timing at a meet, chaperoning at an out of town event or bringing a pizza to a social event.  Most Club events will have opportunities to volunteer - and those 'jobs' will be posted for signup on this website, so it is easy to find out what needs to be done, sign up, get credit and most importantly, enjoy the environment of spirit and camaraderie the Club has to offer. Essentially, we ask that every family commits to a fixed number of volunteer service points and agree to 'buy out' any 'unearned' points at a fixed hourly rate. The family may opt to 'buy out' all of their points at the point of registration if they do not intend to volunteer or may simply pay for any unearned points at the end of the season. 

In addition, every competitive swimmer is asked to commit to raise $250 on behalf of the Club during the annual, national Swim a Thon campaign. While we hope every swimmer will raise more than the minimum (and offer great prizes as incentives) any amount under the minimum amount will be billed to the swimmer's account at the end of the season.

In big ways and small, you will find that though the money is essential it is the spirit of volunteerism and generosity among members that makes the Club really work. We look forward to welcoming you to the Upper Canada Swim Club!


Early Withdrawal Policy

Sometimes, swimmers will decide that they do not want to continue participating in the Club partway through the year. There are commitments that the Club makes on behalf of swimmers and some compensation needs to be collected in order to close accounts.

UCSC Cancellation Policy

The Governing Body (Swim Ontario and Swim Canada) fees (paid upon registration) are non-refundable.

Non-Competitive Programs:

Our non-competitive programs (Junior Otters and Cross Training) operate on the basis of three 12-week sessions per season. Membership fees are sessional and there are no additional Volunteer Hours or Swim-a-thon obligations for these groups. There are no refunds if a swimmer decides to withdraw from the program before the end of a session.

Competitive Programs:

The Upper Canada Swim Club competitive program operates on a seasonal basis from September to June of the next year. Staffing and budgeting decisions are based on the full season. Because of these obligations, it is expected that competitive swimmers also commit to stay with the Club for the full season. If, for any reason, a swimmer intends to withdraw from the Club before the end of the season, a written two-calendar month notice must be provided to the Head Coach ( and to the Board at The residual of the Volunteer Hours obligation (max of 15 points or $300) and the Swim-a-thon obligation ($250 per swimmer) must be paid in full for the season.

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