River Otters Programs

Contributing to the improvement of Canadian swimming at all levels through the development of first class programs, athletes, and people.

For over forty years, the Upper Canada Swim Club has offered a variety of high quality swim programs. We are a proud member of Swim Canada and Swim Ontario and as such, are part of a network of over 900 swim clubs and 50,000 swimmers nationwide.  Including coaches, officials, volunteers and swimmers there are approximately 80,000 people in Canada actively participating in the sport of swimming each year. Ontario itself has over 120 clubs and 10,000 swimmers.


  • Physical excellence and life skills are developed through hard work, discipline, team spirit, self-esteem, fun and individual achievement.
  • Through competition we will let the swimmers develop a sense of commitment to training and to the team.
  • Through the collaborative efforts of our athletes, coaches, parents, community stakeholders, governing bodies and associations, we hope to further the recognition of the sport of swimming both locally and nationally.
  • We strive to create a passion for excellence and a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.

The Programs

Our program focuses on skill improvement, self-development, competition, leadership and sportsmanship. UCSC’s professional coaching staff is committed to the development of healthy, well-adjusted athletes who contribute not only to their team but to their communities. We are extremely proud of our swimmers and their successes; we are equally proud of the outstanding citizens that they have become. These young athletes travel all over Ontario and Canada for the purpose of competition, and in doing so, become ambassadors of their sport and their community.

The program is designed to be progressive from the pre-competitive Junior Otter Swimmer Program through to competitive programs ranging to the national level. All programs feature stroke development, flexibility, strength and conditioning and mental training techniques. Our goal is to systematically maximize each athlete’s potential using as much creativity, imagination and inspiration as we can to ensure each athlete is healthy, happy and motivated.  In addition to high performance in the pool, a desired outcome of the program is for participants to acquire a passion for excellence in all that they do and develop a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.

Non-Competitive Programs

Junior Otter Program - Our pre-competitive program that functions as an advanced swim lesson that teaches the fundamentals of swimming, develops proper swimming strokes, incorporates fun water skills, and prepares swimmers for future competitive programs.

Cross Trainer 1 - This program is for those swimmers who's skills are beyond that of Junior Otter, but can not make the commitment of the competitive programs or are not interested in competing. Swimmers will be immersed with the competitive program of their skill level, but their focus will be on skill development and fitness.

Cross Trainer 2 - This program is designed for those swimmers who have been in our competitive stream or are at a Gold or higher skill level, but no longer wish to compete but would like to stay connected with their friends and keep up their fitness. The swimmers will be immersed with the competitive program of their skill level, but their focus will be on staying active and socially connected.

Competitive Programs

Bronze Program - Our introductory competitive program builds off the fundamental swimming skills taught in Junior Otter to continue developing proper swimming technique while introducing swimmers to fun competitions.

Silver Program - Our second competitive level continues to develop technique while adding a training element which builds race speed and technical endurance. Swimmers will also develop more confidence and comfort in competitions as they begin to progress to qualifier meets.

Gold Program - Our third competitive level is where the basic principles of training and tactics of racing are introduced. Swimmers will develop proper training habits, build their aerobic capacity, and develop race strategies to prepare them for higher levels of training and competition.

Platinum Program - Our fourth competitive level is where training principles and race strategies developed in previous levels are solidified. Technique is continued to be a priority while the level of intensity increases and swimmers aim for the Provincial level and onwards.

National Program - The fifth and final competitive level is for those elite swimmers looking to race at the National level and beyond. Swimmers technique and tactics become more individualized and the swimmers take on a larger responsibility for their own success.