Technical Videos

Backstroke Start

This video has some very good technical pointers for working on your backstroke start: 


Breastroke Kick

This video is an excellent example of a strong breaststroke kick. Please ignore the rest of the stroke and only focus on the mechanics of the kick: 



This video is part 1 of a Michael Phelps documentary. This section gives you insight on what Michael was like growing up (high school age), as well as some fundamental information on his body position and kick. The video is delivered by his coach (Bob Bowman). Take in all of Michael's interview answers, as well as the footage on his body position and kick. Please note that they use the term body dolphin to refer to the dolphin/fly kick. Also note that Michael is very flexible so his chest goes deeper than most swimmers during his layout: 

This video is part 2 of the Phelps documentary. It focuses on a variety of butterfly drills along with their purposes. We have done many of these drills, but the explanations and visual may help you understand them better: 

The third and final part of the series focuses on efficiency and training styles, followed by the start, the turn, and the finish. Please only watch the first 6 minutes and last 4 minutes as Michael is not the fastest at starts and turns and the recommended start and turn technique has changed since 2010. The information on training is very good, but please remember that we do a variety of different types of training that accomplish the same goal (fast, technical swimming across all strokes and distances):