ACES Programs

SNC Long Term Athlete Development Strategy

ACES programs are developed in keeping with Swim Canada Appropriate Athlete Development Model focusing on training, conditioning and skill development appropriate to a young person's growth and maturity (not just age) while promoting a lifelong love of sport. 

Swimmers compete against the clock, and therefore against themselves. In addition to achieving personal best times, Regional, Festival, Provincial standards and beyond help guide athletes in setting their goals and give opportunities to participate in increasingly challenging meets.

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2020 / 2021 Programs and Fees September

2020 / 2021 Programs and Fees October

2020 / 2021 Programs and Fees November

2020 / 2021 Programs and Fees December Pease note: Last day of swimming is December 23rd. See you in January 2021!


NOVICE ACES 1-4 Programs 

Liz & swimmerskickboardNovice ACES 1-4 programs are introductory or house league levels of swimming, geared toward swimmers 4 to 16 years of age who are new to swimming or just want to stay in shape. All groups are in the water two times per week. All of these programs do not have any swim meets and run in 12 week sessions.

Session 1 Sept 13-Dec 3 (Wilmot and Tillsonburg)   Sept 20-Dec 10 (Woodstock)

Session 2 Jan 3 to March 25  2022                         

                           Session 3  Mar 28-June 18th 2022

ACES 1: For swimmers 4 to 8 years of age.  The main goal of the program is to build self-confidence and positive self-esteem while teaching the fundamentals of swimming.  This group does not participate in swim meets.

ACES 2 For swimmers ages 7 to 12. The main goals are to develop all four strokes, start some aerobic conditioning, work on coordination, and the basics of dryland training.  This group will not compete in meets.

ACES 3:  For swimmers ages 7-12 continuing to progress their competitive swimming skills. Swimmers will continue to work on all four strokes while improving technique, and start to work on core body strength and speed work. This group will not compete in meets.

ACES 4:  Is geared toward 11 and over swimmers. This group is perfect for the swimmer who doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants to improve in the sport of swimming.  This group does not compete in Meets

ACES Competitive  Programs

Alex fly

ACES Competitive Programs allow our athletes to progress to the best of their abilities and compete at various levels from introductory to national level meets.  Proper technique in all four competitive strokes, starts, turns and streamlining skills are taught.  Swimmers practice three to six days per week, depending on level, plus dryland training. 

Junior ACES are for swimmers 12 year of age and under as of Sept 7th, 2021. The Junior ACES program is divided in three levels 1, 2 and HP. 

The Junior ACES groups will focus on varying levels of competitive swimming, from early developing racing (Aqua 7) to those who are qualifying for Regional and provincial level meets.

This program will be run in two sessions, Session 1: Sept 7th to Dec 23rd

  Session 2: Jan 10th-June 18th


The Senior ACES groups are for swimmers 13 and over as of Sept 7th, 2021. The Senior Aces program is divided in three levels 1, 2 and HP.

 Similar to the Junior ACES program, these groups will further your knowledge and skills of competitive swimming. All three groups will work towards qualifying for Regionals, while the HP group will work with those who are interested in committing to a more competitive level of Provincial and National level meets. These groups will run the full 40 weeks. 

Starting Sept 7th, 2021 and ending June 30th, 2022



This program is for mature swimmers, 18 years and older, who wish to swim for exercise & conditioning. All four strokes continue to be developed.  During the swim season participants may choose to compete at Masters meets as well. 

This program runs from Sept 7th 2021.


Para-Swimming and Special Olympics

Swimmers who have intellectual or physical disabilities are fully integrated into ACES programs.  Para-swimmers compete together at meets from Aqua 7 to national level.  The Wilmot Aquatic ACES proudly support para-sports, and were honoured to have had 2012 Paralympian Michael Heath on our team.

In addition to para-swimming, the ACES are proud to support Special Olympics Ontario through coaching and training Special Olympians and hosting Special Olympic swim meets.

For more information about the ACES or to register online with the club:
                •  register online, or
                •  email our club registrar at [email protected]

Please note that due to COVID, we are restricted in numbers in all groups, therefore, you must register for a trial swim if new to the club 

New swimmers are welcome!