Family Participation Point Requirements for 2020/2021

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Family Participation Point Requirements

Family Point Totals as of January 12,2020

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All families will have a point requirement based on the highest level of registered swimmer (Example: If you have swimmers in Seal and Provincials, you would need the points required for Provincials group or 16 points).

Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Working at a WAC hosted meet
  • Working at an away Swim Meet
  • Obtaining a signoff for additional levels (e.g. Strokes and Turns, moving to Level 2 etc.) 
  • Working a Bingo session

Family​ Point Requirement​ ​Opt-Out:

Windsor Aquatic Club would like your family to be involved. For those who cannot due to a variety of reasons such as work commitment, personal preference, or a non-competing swimmer, there are 2 options:

  1. The opt-out option is available for a fee should you wish not to participate in WAC activities during this swim season; this option is non-refundable and payable in full prior to October 31st, 2018. Each point is $50.
  2. On May 30, 2020, a $50 fee per outstanding Family Participation Point will be charged to accounts for the June 2019 billing cycle.

This year we will be hosting five WAC meets at the WIATC. Please note that we are also excited to have our WAC Cup intra-squad meets continue this year. These are very valuable team bonding meets and friendly competitions. A number may also be sanctioned to assist in helping our swimmers gain qualifying times. These WAC Cup meets do require parent officials to support but do not count towards point totals.

For more info, contact

Laura Bates - Vice President - [email protected]

Sherry Gibson - Club Officials Chair - [email protected]

Instructions to Obtain Your WAC Swimmer ID/Family Number:


To obtain your Swimmer Identity ID/Family Number, you will first you will need to log into the WAC website. Once logged in go to the My Account section of the My Account side tab on the Website. 


Then go to the Members Tab.  In there you will find your child's ID Card#.  Every swimmer has a unique number, this is your child's Swim Canada ID number.

Record your child's number and use the highest level of the swimmer in your family if you have more than one.  The ID Card# of that swimmer will be your family number. The first 2 numbers should be 12 followed by 7 more digits.

Once this number is obtained you will be able to have visibility on accrued family points by looking at an updated Log document.  Points will be tallied after each WAC hosted the meet.