BINGO Information

Participating in Bingos is another way that families can help to support WAC and earn family participation points!  WAC is assigned time slots at random by the Bingo hall and has the responsibility of providing 2 TRAINED volunteers for each session (2 or 3 sessions/month).   Bingo sessions are 2 hours in length and may be scheduled between 9:30 AM and 1:30 AM, seven days a week.  

Each bingo session earns 1 credit toward the family participation requirement with WAC for the 2019/20 season.

​Bingo proceeds are directed toward WAC's High-Performance Fund, assisting with travel costs for coaches and swimmers attending Easterns through Senior National meets. 

WAC's Bingo Coordinator for the 2019/20 season is Dayna Wagner.  You can contact her at

​Cell - 519-567-0488

Attending a Training Session:

ONLY those individuals, age 18 and over, who have completed the MANDATORY training program with the bingo organization are allowed to participate in staffing the bingo session, thus allowing WAC to be eligible for the funds.  Training sessions are scheduled periodically and are 2.5 hours in length.   THE OLG accepts a maximum of 20 trained volunteers to be registered for each charity in each fiscal year.   WAC has currently reached its maximum

Next training sessions:   

- soon to come -

THE OLG accepts a maximum of 20 trained volunteers to be registered for each charity in each fiscal year.   WAC has currently reached its maximum; therefore no training sessions will be offered at present time.  

You must be registered for the training session by the WAC Bingo Coordinator prior to attending the session.***


Working a Bingo Session:

You may sign up for upcoming Bingo sessions that are assigned to WAC by contacting the WAC Bingo Coordinator.Your assignment will be confirmed by the coordinator.

Dress Code:  Compliance with dress code guidelines is mandatory or WAC will be penalized.

  • Collared white shirt with a WAC logo.  T-shirts are no longer acceptable.
  • Dark pants or skirt (no jeans, capris, or shorts)
  • Comfortable, quiet shoes (no flip flops or squeaky shoes)
  • In the event that you are unable to attend a Bingo that you have been scheduled for, you must contact the Bingo Coordinator ASAP.

Upcoming WAC Bingo Dates:

- soon to come -

Volunteers are needed for the following sessions:   

5:45 pm -7:45 pm Friday April 5, 2019  Mike Stafferton  Carla Mallett 
11:45 am - 1:45 pm Tuesday April 16 2019 RoseMarie  Mike Duvall
9:45 pm -11:45 pm Wednesday April 24, 2019  Mike Stafferton  Julie Conlon 
3:45 pm - 5:45 pm Friday May 10, 2019  RoseMarie  Mike Duvall 
9:45 am - 11:45 am Saturday May 18, 2019  Available  Mike Stafferton 
7:45 pm - 9:45 pm Wednesday May 29, 2019  Julie Conlon  Angie Seguin 
1:45 pm - 3:45 pm Thursday June 13 2019  Cathy Bissonnette  Angie Seguin 
11:45 pm - 1:45 am Friday June 28, 2019  Available  Available 
5:45 pm -7:45 pm Saturday July 6, 2019  Dayna Wagner Christian Wagner 
11:45 am - 1:45 pm Thursday July 18, 2019  Brenda Mucci  Claudia Polewski 
9:45 pm - 11:45 pm Tuesday July 30, 2019  Jen MacEachern Mike Stafferton 
3:45 pm - 5:45 pm Wednesday August 7, 2019 Brenda Mucci  Jen MacEachern
9:45 am - 11:45 am Friday August 23, 2019  Greg Cutting  Dayna Wagner
7:45 pm - 9:45 pm Monday September 2, 2019  Greg Cutting  Mike Duvall 
1:45 pm - 3:45 pm Wednesday September 11, 2019               Ron Sequin   Angie Seguin 
11:45 pm - 1:45 am Saturday September 28, 2019  Greg Cutting  Jill Lawrence 



Breakaway Gaming Centre

655 Crawford Ave., Windsor

(519) 256-1875

​For complete policies regarding OLG Charity Bingos, please go to