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2019/20 Season:

Even though our season was cut short, we still had some amazing accomplishments, and tons of great swims!  Here are your winners:


From Coach Iris and Coach Marek:


 Nathan Downer:  Since his first practice for WAC this fall, Nathan has continuously been one of the best male swimmers in the S4S program. He came in with a competitive spirit and was always eager to make progress every practice so he could move up into the competitive stream. He was one of the hardest workers in his group and it showed in his consistent improvement in technique and results when he competed. It was fantastic to see Nathan compete in his first Seal Meet, and continue to rise to the challenge of Seal Sr as he graduated from S4S, which is why Nathan is S4S's MVP. 

Valentina Serra:   Since her first practice for WAC this fall, Valentina has consistently been one of the best female swimmers in the S4S program. She came in with a great attitude towards every practice as she continued to learn new skills to become a better swimmer. Valentina was one of the hardest working swimmers in her group and became more confident in her abilities every session. She rose to every challenge her coaches gave her which is why we're delighted to present her with S4S's MVP. We look forward to seeing her progression continuing over to the competitive stream in the near future.


Mia Dipierdomenico:  Mia joined us this fall, but has made tremendous progress since her first practice. Starting in our Blue group, she has continuously improved her stroke technique, race starts, and turns. Mia was one of the most competitive swimmers in the program and it showed as she continuously got faster as her technique improved. It was great to see this in her results at every House League Meet, as well as being invited to compete in her first Seal Meet. Mia was one of the hardest workers in S4S during dryland and in the water which is one of the many reasons why she deserves this award. 

Alexandria Serra:  Since joining WAC in the blue group this fall, Alexandria has consistently been improving her stroke technique. From never swimming Butterfly, to becoming one of the strongest in the stroke in all of S4S, her improvements have been fantastic to watch. She continuously took in feedback from her coaches, and it showed as she took off time every S4S House league Meet. She always came into practice with a positive attitude and an eagerness to improve which is one of the many reasons why she deserves this award. 

From Coach Marek:


Brielle MacEachern:  Brielle has consistently been one of Seal Jr's best swimmers this year. Every practice she has continuously pushed herself and her team mates to be at their very best. Whether we were working on stroke technique, or our starts and turns, she was always looking for feedback to get better. All her hard work showed in the results as she consistently set personal bests at nearly every meet. If she made a mistake, she learned from it and smashed her next race to make up for it. Brielle was Seal Jr's strongest swimmer, but always supported her teammates in Seal Jr and from other groups. That is one of the many reasons why she is Seal Jr's MVP

Hassanen Mansour:  Hassanen has consistently been one of Seal Jr's Strongest Swimmers this year. Whether during dryland activation, or in the water, he has always risen to any challenge given by his coach. Hassanen was looking for ways to improve at every practice, and he showed his improved technique when it came to the next meet. He was one of the most competitive swimmers in the group, and pushed himself and his team mates to get faster and more efficient every practice and race. If he made a mistake at a meet, he quickly learned from it and went off to set a new personal best time. Hassanen always pushed himself and helped his teammates get better along the way which is one of the many reasons why he is Seal Jr's MVP.


Cassia Emery:  Cassia has consistently been improving since her first Seal practice this Fall. She was always one of the first ready for practice and helped others through activation after she had finished. In the water, Cassia would consistently push herself to become better. She was always taking coaches' feedback to improve her technique which showed in her race results. Every race she would set a new personal best in at least one stroke as she continued to improve, including her butterfly. That is why Cassia is Seal Jr's MIP.

Demetri Colisnic: Demetri is one of the swimmers in Seal Jr. who has consistently been improving in his stroke technique and turns since the fall. Although he is already aware of his stronger strokes, he constantly kept pushing himself in practice to work on strokes he didn't feel as confident in. He was always looking for feedback and to find ways to become a stronger swimmer. His hard work would pay off when he would set a new personal best time at every meet. Demetri's confidence increased with every session as he became a stronger and more efficient swimmer which is one of the many reasons why he is Seal Jr's MIP.


From Coach Iris:


Milana Chertova:   Milana is one of the outstanding swimmers in SEAL Sr. She is one of the youngest swimmers and has successfully cut time every SEAL meet she attended. Her eagerness during swim practice and encouragement for others during swim meets has proven her to be an amazing team player and swimmer. Milana's goal to always aim higher and achieve more has influenced my decision to award her as MVP.

Jack Roberts:  Many different swimmers were considered for this award, however, Jack's competitive spirit stood out because of his overall work ethics which gave great results. From the fall session until his move up to Competitive, he successfully made regionals and continously cut times off many races. Aside from those achievements, what really stood out was his form and technique. No matter the results from past competitions, or how his day went, he always gave it his all in every single practice. He focused on technique and finished every set to the best of his ablility.  Aside from training hard during practice, he encourages others to do the same both in practice and competition.


 Molly Tarte: Molly listens very well every swim practice and does her best for every meet. She has tried many new races with many successful results. Her technique is always improving, and it is evident during swim meets. She is quiet during practices but when she goes into competition, everyone can see that she has worked hard to achieve her hard-earned results. Molly has shown great improvement in all strokes between the Fall and Winter sessions which makes her deserving of this award.

Alex Varsava:  Fall 2019 was Alex's first time competing in a competitive group. Throughout the season, he has shown great enthusiasm and continuously improved during competitions. He is always looking for places to improve in his strokes and is one of my hardest working swimmers in my practices. For this very reason, his strokes have really improved, and the results very well indicated that fact. There has been many ups and downs but his goal to continue improving and try new races has given him a very successful competitive year. 


From Coach Jodi:


Boldin Kendrick: This was Boldin's second year with the Competitive group and this year he stood out as one of the hardest workers in every practice.  No matter what the challenge, Boldin was able to rise to it and usually surprised himself by what he could accomplish.  He was a good leader in practice and was always encouraging to his teammates whether in practice or at a meet.  This hard work paid off at Regionals where Boldin qualified for 6 individual events and placed top 8 in four of his events. He was also well on his way toward qualifying for Festivals in his 100 fly and I know he would have done it if the season wasn't cut short.  I am so proud of his accomplishments this season and know he will do great things in the future!

Violet Duranovich:  This was Violet's second year with the Competitive group, and she moved up to Age Group Development in February.  Violet came into this season determined to move up and to qualify for Festivals.  Her work ethic was incredible and she quickly established herself as one of the swimmers to beat in practice.  She was determined to qualify for the MAC meet and had the meet of her life there - qualifying for 4 individual Regional events (one of which in the 11 year old age group)!  At Regionals she surprised herself again, placing 5th in 50 and 100 breast and coming close to her goal of Festivals in 100 breast, only missing by 2.9 seconds.  I know she would have made Festivals this season and I'm sure she will next year too!  She is definitely an up-and-coming star!


 Nikola Mesic:  Nikola came into the Competitive group this year straight from the S4S group and he definitely had his work cut out for him at the beginning of the season playing catch up.  He was the hardest working swimmer in the pool in every practice!  He always listened and applied every correction I made and tried his hardest in every set, whether he was making the pace time or just touching and going throughout the set.  He started out the season as the slowest in his lane and by January was starting to become a leader in the lane (especially during kick sets).  His hard work and determination allowed him to drop 133.43 seconds across 14 events this season (all events were 100 metres or less) and he was getting really close to making Regionals in his 50 breast.  I know it would have happened by June!  Keep up the hard work Nikola and next season you are going to be chasing those Festival times for sure!!

MaKayla Fick:   MaKayla came into the Competitive group this year from the Seal Jr group.  At the beginning of the season she was unsure about how hard she could push herself during a practice, typically going last in her lane and slowly working on her strokes.  She was always great at taking advice about stroke corrections, but it wasn't until the Nother's meet in November where she tried a 200 free for the first time the I really saw her competitive nature come out.  She realized that she liked the longer events and begin to thrive in the longer practices that most swimmers shied away from.  By January, MaKayla was a leader in every way in practice, whether it be leading a lane, kicking butt in our test set, or staying out ahead anytime we were doing a challenge set of 200's or 400's.  She wasn't afraid to assert her dominance when it came in endurance and was even starting to go for it in sprints - this allowed her to drop 174.95 seconds across 15 events this season!  The Spring Invitational was going to be her breakthrough meet and I believe she would have made Regionals there.  I can't wait to see what next season holds for this determined swimmer who finally broke out of her timid shell. 


From Coach Hannah:


Avril Lei:  Avril may be the youngest swimmer in AGD, but she is one of the most confident and always willing to be a leader in the group. Avril pushes her teammates in the pool and is always setting out to reach her goals. Avril loves to race and has an amazing competitive spirit. As a nine year old, Avril made eight 10 & under WOSA regional qualifying times! I can't wait to see all that Avril accomplishes throughout her swimming career. 

Logan Levack:  Logan has a passion for racing and his competitive nature shines through when he swims. Logan loves to challenge his teammates both in practice and at meets. Logan has an amazing commitment to swimming and is always willing to learn in order to improve his skills. This year, Logan qualified for Ontario Festival Championships in 200 back and 100 IM! Congrats on an awesome year and I'm excited to watch your swimming career grow!


Paige Fiorino:  Paige has improved tremendously throughout this season! Paige started out swimming in Competitive the first week of the season and then moved up to AGD. In February, Paige had improved so much that she was moved up to Age Group. Paige's dedication, excellent work ethic and commitment to swimming has helped her to achieve extreme time drops! Paige went from having no WOSA regional qualifying times to having three! Keep up the amazing work Paige!

Antony Hirmiz:  Antony is one of the most competitive and hardworking swimmers in AGD. Antony is always willing to challenge himself and find ways to become a better swimmer. Not only is Antony a hard worker, but he is also an excellent teammate. He is always cheering for everyone and talking to all members of the group. Antony set out a goal at the beginning of the season to achieve a WOSA regional qualifying time and he achieved his goal! Antony has improved tremendously during this season in all his events. Excellent job!


From Coach Olivia:


Aidan Wagner:  Aidan has had a fantastic 2019/20 swim season. Aidan might be the youngest within Age Group but his outstanding work ethic makes him a natural leader. He is motivated by his personal goals, his coaches’ feedback, his teammates and family. He strives to be the best possible swimmer he can be at all times whether it's a dreadful Saturday morning practice or the most important swim meet of his career because he understands that success does not rest! Keep up the great work Aidan! 

Mia Arlotti (moved to Provincial in February): There was no one more competitively driven and self determined in Age Group this past 2019/20 season than Mia Arlotti. I have never needed to remind her to work hard in order to accomplish her goals. Her work ethic acts as encouragement to those around her to do their best. She brought home a lot of hardware and PB's this season. There is no doubt she would have finished this year off with quite a few more in her collection! Keep up the great work Mia! 


Mia Caradonna (moved to Provincial in February):  Mia Caradonna has progressed a mile a minute this 2019/20 swim season. She is incredibly receptive to her coaches' feedback and works diligently to apply these techniques at all times. Her positive attitude towards training and her teammates is infectious and definitely impacts her overall performance as she genuinely loves what she does. Mia's continued passion and dedication towards the sport will allow her to accomplish any goals she set for herself! 

Giuliana Castagna:  Giuliana has had a great 2019/20 swim season. She is an extremely motivated and hardworking individual, who never backs down from an opportunity to race.  I am very proud of her for embracing new and challenging experiences outside of her comfort zone when it comes to trying different events/racing strategies. She has learnt the importance of resiliency and will continue to conquer all of the goals she sets for herself in the future! 


From Coach Joel:


Logan Cortese:   Logan has shown great leadership and dedication to the provincial group. His work ethic and attentiveness motivates the group to work hard and stay competitive during practice. Logan also did a great job of setting an example for good behaviour when many of the other boys in the group would fool around. Logan often leads his lane and continues to recognize failure with maturity.

Tabi Main:  Early on in the season, Tabi showed extremely high levels of dedication and skill level in her swimming. She helped create a strong dynamic in the group which allowed for a friendly, fun environment while working hard in practice simultaneously. Tabi moved up to Senior Development after showing these strong traits and went on to achieve numerous time standards as well as breaking various records.


Kaiden Cutting:  Kaiden started off in the group with a hunger for improving his times and his swimming ability. Over time, he developed a strong set off skills and vastly improved his stroke efficiency which led him to achieve Festival time standards for the first time! It was rewarding to see Kaiden progress over only a few months in the season and I hope for even more improvements when we return to the pool.

Paige Briscoe:  Paige began her season discouraged with her abilities and unsure of her talents. As she began to understand her strengths in practice, she improved her abilities leading to some well swam meets and a new mindset for the sport. At the end of this season, Paige often led lanes and propelled through test sets. It was enjoyable teaching Paige and seeing her confidence grow throughout the season.


From Coach Cord:


This award is especially challenging for me after coaching this group. I am proud that so many swimmers this year made the decision and commitment to follow my program. We were having tremendous success this year, and so many swimmers we made huge strides towards national level competition.
Owen Chickee:  Owen has not only been a leader amongst the boys the year, but he has been a leader in the group. Owen has made a major transition from an age group level swimmer to a national level athlete. Owen trains at very high intensity, constantly challenging himself and others in the group on a daily basis. Owen is rapidly moving towards being one of the top male performers on the team.

Allisyn Shepherd:  This Senior Development Group this year is full of swimmers who can be called “best in group”. This year Allisyn showed that she wants to swim at the highest level. Allisyn has always shown commitment to achieving success and demonstrates her desire to push herself every day and at every practice. Allisyn qualified for four provincial standards this year, and was my only swimmer in the Senior development group to do so. Allisyn is rapidly moving to one of the most all around swimmers on the team and is becoming a leader by example every time she walks on the deck.


Jackson Bates:  Jackson has always been a leader in the group. He demonstrates his desire and passion through hard work and determination. Jackson is always striving to reach the next level and push himself to achieve his sometimes lofty goals. He is one of the most committed swimmers in the group. Jackson rarely misses a practice and his success comes from the hard work and dedication he puts in every day.

Xzana Duranovich:  Xzana made the jump from Age Group to Senior Development this year. And although the transition was a big one. Xzana made the decision to fully commit to swimming thus year by taking a step back from her other passion of dance. This decision paid off this year by moving up the ranks of the swimming world and qualifying for Eastern Canadian Championships. Although Xzana is not always the mot vocal swimmer in the group, her excited for competing has translated into outstanding performances in the pool.

From Coach Mike:

High Point Award & MVP of Senior Group (Male) – Brendan Oswald

Brendan is consistently performing at a high level throughout the season.  Brendan won a bronze medal at the (OJI) Ontario Junior Invitational (best 18 & under swimmers across the country) and another bronze at the Ontario Swimming Championships.  Brendan was poised to swim well at our Olympic Trials and had already swum a time that would have placed him on the Canadian Junior National team that was to attend the Jr Pan Pacific Swim Championships in Hawaii.

Brendan also received the Swim Ontario Post-Secondary Performance Scholarship which awards a financial scholarship to two Ontario swimmers to allow the recipients to focus on swimming excellence while pursuing post-secondary academics in Ontario.  Brendan will be one of the inaugural recipients of the revamped program where Swim Ontario, in collaboration with Ontario Post-Secondary institutions will double the funding to award each recipient $36,000; $18,000 funded by Swim Ontario to be matched by the post-secondary institution they enroll in.


Blue & Orange Award - Jocelyn VanLeeuwen

Jocelyn, a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo decided to move to Windsor in September to pursue her swimming dreams.  She was a fantastic role model for the other swimmers and a pleasure to coach. Jocelyn was willing to stay late and get to practice early and was someone her teammates could talk to for advice. 

Jocelyn was recently  hired by an advertising company, so it appears as though she may be hanging up the suit and goggles.  Thanks for spending your last season with us and you will be missed.  Good luck with your new job!


Ironman Award – Izzy Gibson

Izzy never had an unexcused absence.  Not one.  She was always at practice.  If she had to miss a practice for a reason, we always had a plan for her to make it up and she did.  There were times when she said she was not feeling well, and I told her not to come to practice and she still showed up.  Izzy is extremely dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to help her swimming get better.  This tenacity for work will help her not only in the pool, but in her career as well. 

MVP of Senior Group (Female) – Madelyn Gatrall:  Maddy set the example for hard work in our group.  She was committed to getting stronger and faster in the water and in dryland. She always finished her dryland exercises even if it meant staying a little bit late. Maddy is an Olympic Trials qualifier and set to attend Akron University on a swimming scholarship in the fall. Maddy is ranked 15th in the country in her SC 50 Back 18th and 18th in 100 Back.

Most Improved Senior (Female) - Jayne Harcarufka: Jayne had a tremendous start to the year and was poised for even more success.  In her 1st year in the Senior Group Jayne progressed in every stroke.  Her Freestyle saw tremendous improvements along with her 200 Fly in which she dropped 20 seconds from last May.  Jayne made the Youth standard for Olympic Trials in the 100 Fly at the age of 14 to become our 3rd Olympic Trials qualifier.  Jayne was also set to attend the International Children’s Games (ICG) in Hungary this summer.

Most Improved Senior (Male) – Colin Wagner:  Much like our Ironman winner, Colin never missed a practice.  He was extremely dedicated, and the results showed.  He made his first Eastern times and had massive drops in his freestyle and backstroke events.  If Colin puts as much focus into his technique as he does with his effort level in practice, he will see continued improvement


From Coach Olivia:


Julia Lane:  Julia's 2019/20 swim season was outstanding to say the least! When Julia puts her mind to something, there is no stopping her. Julia's dedication, determination and drive has named her a 6x World Down Syndrome Record Holder in the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m Free, 50m and 100m Fly. She is not only an outstanding swimmer but an outstanding teammate. Her team spirit and passion for swimming is contagious to all those around her. We look forward to watching Julia compete at the 2022 World Downs Competition in Portugal and cheering her on along the rest of her swim career! Congratulations Julia, on being WAC's first recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award! 






Clarice Arbex       Mia Arlotti           Calleigh Baker      Trenton Baker     Grayson Bates     Aubrey Boratto           Paige Briscoe Antony Hirmiz     Liam Reeves              Nicole Briskin      Alex Jazvac           Jack Roberts          Gabrielle Burgon Bulat      Finleigh Kane       Preston Seguin    Mia Caradonna   Lauren Keirl         Ilija Skakavac  Gabriel Carcelen     Bolden Kendrick     Maksim Skakavac        Sneha Chitte     Madelynn Kendrick     Gracey Smith      Owen Cortese     Carmen Kurek     Lauren Spencer     Kali Cote     Avril Lei     Alex Tugui     Molly Cuerrier        Nathaniel Llamas      Colum Vourakes     Kyah Cutting     Haidar Mansour     Aidan Walters      Mia Dojcinovski       Violet Duranovich     Paige Fiorino     Sarah Foreman     Brooklyn Galbraith     Rafe Gibson     Maksim Miloyevich     Mazie Muir     Rhyan Murphy     Diana Pasciuta     Cole Polewski     Audrey Pula



Aaron Barta     Nikolaus Bujak     Giuliana Castagna     Logan Cortese     Kaiden Cutting     Leo Lei     Logan Levack     Aidan Wagner



Krisztina Balogh      Tressa Billson     Filip Botica     Chloe Dibbley     Abigail Duvall     Austin Ellul-Wheeler                         Izzy Gibson     Taya Hutchison     Lila Kendrick     Melanie Levack     Matthew Llamas     Katelyn Lovell                  Jocelyn MacEachern     Tabi Main     Melina Mavromoustakou     Aleks Miloyevich     Kate Netherton                Miranda Rawlins     Natasha Rawlins     Jacquelin Trudeau



Emily Bryant        Julia Lane       Allisyn Shepherd



Jackson Bates     Moira Bujak     Owen Chickee     Quinn DeGraaf     Xzana Duranovich     Emilija Mesic           Mateja Mesic     Lucas Moavro     Ari Rice     Izzy Sekaric     Charla Tatic     Colin Wagner     Jocelyn VanLeeuwen



Sophie Gatrall     Leia Pupatello



Maddy Gatrall     Jayne Harcarufka     Brendan Oswald



Jayne Harkarufka     Sophie Gatrall      Leia Pupatello     Tabi Main     Melina Mavromoustakou     Ari Rice            Charla Tatic     Owen Chickee     Mateja Mesic     Lucas Moavro     Jackson Bates


Good luck to all our graduates:  Trenton Baker, Tressa Billson, Quinn DeGraaf, Maddy Gatrall, Brendan Oswald, Izzy Sekaric, Gracey Smith,   and Jocelyn VanLeeuwen .       



Congratulations to all our WAC swimmers on a great 2018-19 Season!   


Our Award Recipients:

Most Improved:  The swimmer who, through dedication and outstanding work ethic, has shown the most improvement in his/her performance throughout the year.

                  S4S:          Demetri Colisinic & Cassia Emery

                SEAL Jr:     Emerson Jazvac & Alex Hirmiz

                SEAL Sr:    Brooke MacDonald & Jack Roberts

                Comp:       Owen Cortese & Liana Smyth-Vasey

                AGD:         Jocelyn MacEachern & Mia Arlotti

                AG:           Emilia Mesic & Leo Lui

                Prov:         Lucas Moavro & Allisyn Shepherd       

                SD:           Colin Wagner & Chloe Dibbley

                SR:           Filip Botica & Quinn DeGraff


Best in Group: This award is chosen by the coaches and is given to the swimmers who have shown dedication, commitment and a hard work ethic throughout the year

S4S:               Hassanen Mansour & Mariam Mansour

                SEAL Jr:     Ipek Uslu & Haidar Mansour

                SEAL Sr:     Kali Cote & Abbas Mansour

                Comp:         Mia Caradonna & Kiet Pham

                AGD:          Tabitha Main & Aidan Wagner

                AG:              Liam Reeves & Xzana Duranovich

                Prov:           Jackson Bates & Jayne Harcarufka

                SD:             Mateja Mesic & Izzy Gibson

                SR:           Maddy Gatrall and Brendan Oswald


6) Age Group Award: This award is given to the individual with the highest FINA points in an individual event with the Age Grouping over the course of the season. (girl and boy)

10 & U       Boys – Logan Cortese 50 Free (SC) 245 points 32.39

      Girls –Calleigh Baker 50 Free (SC) 334 points 33.05

11-12         Boys – Aaron Barta 100 Free (LC) 364 points 1:05.68

     Girls – Allisyn Shepherd 50 Back (LC) 544 points 33.14

13-14        Boys – Colin Wagner 400 Free (LC) 516 points 4:34.41

     Girls – Leia Pupatello 50 Back (LC) 614 points 31.83

15 & O      Boys – Brendan Oswald 200 Fly (LC) 735 points 2:03.55

    Girls – Maddy Gatrall 100 Back (LC) 752 points 1:03.88




High Point Award:  The swimmer who achieves the most combined points at any Provincial or National Level meet.

                Brendon Oswald      


Blue and Orange Award:  The swimmer who best demonstrates throughout the season, the true spirit of Windsor Aquatic Club swimming.  It is given not only for hard work and personal improvement, but for a willingness to understand, to learn, to enter into a partnership with the coaches and teammates in an effort to lead the team to greatness.

                Jacquelin Trudeau


Ironman Award – The swimmer who not only has been exemplary in their attendance, commitment, and work ethic, but has also demonstrated the highest degree of durability in their training.

                Isidora Sekaric