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June 30th to July 5th, 2020

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Updated March10, 2020

ICG UFA - 2019


July 10th to 13th, 2019

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The ICG 2019 team and rankings!

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2018 ICG Jerusalem

July 29th to August 3rd, 2018

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FINA Point Rankings for top 20 Team Windsor Swimmers as of 26-Mar-18

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Please read below for a thank-you note from our WAC 2017 International Children's Games Athletes.  We wish them good luck!

On June 30th, we begin our journey to Kaunas, Lithuania.  We plan to swim fast and have some fun too. We would like to thank our WAC family for your support and encouragement over the past swim season. Along with our coaches, teammates and extended friends and family, our fundraising has been a huge success!  We look forward to making the Windsor Aquatic Club proud as we compete for Team Windsor at the International Children’s Games. #WACattack

This summer six of our Windsor Aquatic Club swimmers along with our head coach, Mike Mcwha, will be representing Team Windsor at the International Children’s Games in Kaunas City, Republic of Lithuania.  There are 8 swimmers total from Windsor going (ages 12-15) and they were all selected based on the top FINA Point rankings.

Tressa, Maddy, Brendan, Quinn, Trenton and Matthew



Windsor Aquatic Club swimmers from left to right are; Coach Mike Mcwha, Quinn DeGraff, Matthew Kwong, Brendan Oswald, Trenton Baker, Madelyn Gatrall and Tressa Billson.

ICG Kaunas City, Republic of Lithuania 2017 Official Website


FINA Point Rankings for top 20 Team Windsor Swimmers as of 27-Feb-17

Click here for pdf of the rankings below.


Click here for an amazing YouTube video showcasing our six Windsor Aquatic Club swimmers in the pool!