Sponsorship Information

As pool fees, lifeguards rates, etc. goes up, we try to keep our costs down for families.  Sponsorship is vital in helping pay for coaching fees, training equipment, and travel costs.  Without the generousity of sponsors from our community, our fees would be significantly increased.  Keeping down costs for families is our main objective, while continuing to grow our club both in membership and training opportunities.  We hope that everyone shares in the commitment to find sponsors to help keep our club moving forward while keeping costs down. 

As an added incentive, all sponsorships brought in by our families will recieve 50% of that donation - credited to their account, regardless of the donation amount aquired.  For example, if you obtain a Platinum sponsor (for $3000), $1500 will go towards the club and $1500 will be creditied to your account.  The sponsor will recieve the full Platinum sponsor recognition benefits.  Likewise, if you should bring in a $300 sponsor, $150 would go towards the club and $150 towards your account, and so on.

Please start off by reading the Parents Guide for Sponsorships to help you will all sponsorship informaion.  It will give you all the detailed information as to where to begin and how to succeed in finding sponsors.   

 The documents below will walk you through the process and hopefully help you to feel comfortable approaching sponsors.

WAC Sponsorship Leads:

Nancy Hanes - [email protected]


2019-20 - Parent Guide for Sponsorship - Questions & Answers

2019-20 - Introductory Letter to Potential Sponsors

2019-20- WAC Sponsorship Pkg (Info and Levels)

2019-20- Thank You Letter to Sponsors