Swim 4 Success

Due to covid and limited pool space, our S4S program is on hold.  


Entrance Criteria (5-12 years of age)

Every new swimmer must go through an assessment prior to being accepted into the Swim 4 Success program. The assessment is used to determine if the swimmer is ready for the program and what level does the swimmer best match. Coaches are looking for swimmers that are able to achieve the following:

* Entry level (limited spots)

  • min. 5 years of age, max 6 years of age. 
  • Comfortable in the water( shallow and deep) with assistance ( does not need to know how to swim)
  • Practice 3x a week and are only 0.5hr long, ratio 1:4 max

* White-Blue-Orange Groups:

  • Min. 6-Year-old
  • Swim 25 metres of any stroke unaided
  • Streamline off a wall for 3m with instruction
  • Make changes to technique upon instruction 

Daily Expectations for Swimmers

  • Listens and tries to do what the coach says
  • Courteous and respectful with the coaches and other swimmers in the pool
  • Comes to practice with a good attitude

Practice Guidelines

80% Instruction, 10% Training, 10% Relays & Games ( Entry group will have more learning though a games style of teaching).

Teach and continue to improve the basic swimming fundamentals

  • Body Position
  • Stack and lock streamline
  • Properly kick all four strokes
  • Properly swim all 4 strokes
  • Starts and Turns (introduced)
  • Breathing Patterns for Free and Fly introduced: Fly-every other, Free-every 3 (for training)
  • Introduce the concept of body dolphin swimming.

**Once swimmers are taught a specific skill they should always perform it correctly**


There may be 1-2 developmental swim meets scheduled that cater to the beginner swimmer( Orange groups). Meets are mostly within the Windsor Essex area (no overnight swim meets).

Criteria to Exit to Swim 4 Success - "Graduation" (On Coach's Approval)

  • Complete a track/grab dive from the starting block with confidence
  • Completes a backstroke start push off with an understanding of arm action  
  • Complete a front somersault at the shallow end and deep end being able to get feet at the wall
  • Streamline off of every wall ( Fr 3fl-3stroke, Bk 3fl-1stroke, Br glide, Fly 3dl- 1 stroke)
  • Head first sculling 10-15m
  • Complete 25m Freestyle with side breathing
  • Complete 25m Backstroke with arm motion in steady rhythm and flat body position
  • Has proper whip kick and pulling action (does not have to be timed correctly)
  • Has proper undulation movement in dolphin kick and has an understanding of full stroke technique (butterfly pulling action)
  • 25m breaststroke kick (correct feet position)
  • 25m dolphin kick (proper feet position and undulation movement)
  • Endurance swim of 75m
  • Age Recommendation: 7 years old and above