Team Travel Meets – F&Q


Windsor Aquatic Club recognizes that team travel is a vital component of the training and technical platform of competitive swimming. Team travel offers swimmers supervised opportunities to learn and practice independence. Travel opportunities may include but are not limited to: international, national, out of province or in province swim meets, training camps and club sponsored recreational activities.

What is a Team Travel meet?

This refers to a meet where the swimmers travel with the Club and stay with the Club and not family or friends.

Where do the swimmers stay?

The team usually stays in hotels. The coaching staff determines where the team will stay and communicates this to the parents and swimmers generally 3 to 5 weeks prior to the event.

How many swimmers are accommodated per room?

Generally, 2 to 4 swimmers per room depending on the room and which competition the club is attending. For the most part, swimmers should expect to share a bed with another swimmer.

Do I get to say who my swimmer rooms with?

No. Part of any athlete’s development is the ability to room with any one of their teammates. As the athlete develops they may not always be travelling with friends, so it is important to learn how to room with other swimmers/teammates. The coaching staff is responsible for creating the rooming list. They do attempt to room swimmers together of the same group and age.

Can I know who my swimmer is rooming with?

The swimmers are told the room arrangements upon arrival at the hotel. Last minute changes sometimes have to be made and therefore it is better that no one has false expectations based on the information given in advance that may need to be altered.

Can I stay at the same hotel?

Parents are discouraged from staying at the same hotel as the team.

How will the swimmers get to the meet?

This depends on the number of swimmers attending. Meets with a larger number of swimmers travel by coach bus to and from the meets. Smaller groups of swimmers may be driven in rented vans by a combination of event managers and coaches.

Can parents travel with the swimmers?

No. Travel is arranged for the team, chaperones and coaches only.

How much will it cost?

The travel information sheet sent to the parents by the coaching staff will indicate the amount to be paid. The final cost is based on the number of swimmers attending and the actual expenses of the meet. After the meet is over, the club manager will determine the final cost and communicate this to the parents and any adjustments will be made on the families’ accounts.

How are costs determined?

A budget is developed considering the number of swimmers attending, the age range, the number of chaperones and coaches attending, the number of days of the meet, the location of the meet, the mode of transportation, the type of accommodation and the number of people per room and any food plans, as well as any fundraising done to offset the costs.

Who do I pay?

Payment will be billed to your WAC account.

What information do I need to provide?

The coaching staff will ask on the information sheet that the following information is filled out and returned: Links for forms found at bottom of page.

  • Parent/Swimmer Code of Conduct
  • Medical Release/Info form
  • Early Release form
  • Also, please provide a copy of swimmer’s health card

What if my swimmer becomes ill?

This will depend on the nature of the illness. Simple headaches and stomach aches are attended to by the chaperones. In the event of a more serious illness, appropriate steps are taken and parents notified.

I am also attending the meet and want to go into my child’s room.

Parents are to communicate to the Lead Event Manager that they would like to arrange to meet with their child, as they are not allowed in their child’s room as there are other swimmers in the room.

My swimmer is 11 years old, do they have to travel with the Club?

Regardless of age, a swimmer designated to attend a trip meet either travels with the team, or they do not attend the meet.

How will my child know who their event manager is?

Upon arrival at the hotel, swimmers are assigned to one or a group of event managers. Swimmers are advised of the event managers names, room number and phone extension.

My child likes to play video games while staying at hotels; will they be allowed games or movies?

Video games, movie rentals and long distance phone access are cut off from each of the rooms. If a swimmer chooses to bring their own handheld device, they are solely responsible for the device. They may use the device during down times in their hotel room but not at the pool and not after “lights out”.

How are meals arranged?

Depending on the meet and the accommodations, meals are either catered by the hotel or ordered and brought in by the event managers.



Team Travel Forms

Team Travel - Early Departure of Swimmer Form

Team Travel - Medical Release - Consent for Medical Treatment Form

Team Travel - Event Manager Guidelines

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