WAC Cup - Meets

These Meets are designed for Team building allowing swimmers from a variety of groups to participate together and provide a venue for parents to interact with people they may not know from within the club. All the swimmers in the club, except Swim4Success, will be divided into 2 teams (Blue & Orange). Meets will be held during practice time. The meets may consist of both sanctioned (swimming for a time) and fun events. Points will be earned during these meets from the swims and at the end of the season the "WAC Cup" will be presented to the winning team. Swimmers are expected to arrive 15 min before warm-up and stay for the entire meet.

Family Points will not be awarded at this series of meets. There is no specific official/volunteer clothing requirement.

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WAC Cup Results 2019/20:

WAC Cup 1 - WIATC Nov 17,2019 - Individual Results - (Sanctioned)


WAC Cup Results 2018/19:

WAC Cup 1 - WIATC Jan 19,2019 - Individual Results - (Sanctioned)

WAC Cup 2 - WIATC May 18,2019 - Individual Results - (Sanctioned)

WAC Cup 2 - WIATC May 18,2019 - Individual Records


Final WAC Cup Results 2017/18

WAC Cup 1 - WIATC 25-Nov-17  - Individual Results - (Not Sanctioned)

WAC Cup 2 - WIATC 20-Jan-18  - Individual Results - (Sanctioned)

WAC Cup 3


Link to WAC team cheer video on YouTube

Team Picture from 25-March-2017

Final WAC Cup Results 2016/17

WAC Cup #1 Results - 29oct16

WAC Cup #2 Results - 28jan17 - NOT SANCTIONED

WAC Cup #3 Results - 25mar17 - NOT SANCTIONED


WAC Cup Results 2015/16

WAC Cup #1 Individual Results

WAC Cup #2 Individual Results

WAC Cup #3 Individual Results