There will be a few changes to the weekend summer swim schedule.  Please take note:

Group B - Saturday practice changed to 3-5 PM @ Booster w/ a virtual dryland tbd by Cord (starting next week)

Group A - Saturday AM practice is 8:15 -10:15 + Dryland 10:15-11:15 @ Atkinson

Group C - Saturday AM practice 10:15 - 12:15 @ Atkinson

Group D&E - Sunday AM practice 8:15-10:15 AM @ Booster

Group F  - Sunday AM 10:15 - 11:15 AM  @ Atkinson & Saturday AM practice TBD






City of Windsor Outdoor Facility Return to Swimming Procedures

Remington Booster Outdoor Pool -25m 4 lanes

Atkinson Outdoor Pool - 25m 7 lanes




Before returning to the training facility or pool, a communications strategy should be developed to ensure that there is  regular, ongoing, accurate and current information being distributed to all club members and appropriate external  organizations. 


Anyone feeling unwell must stay home. 

It is the coach’s responsibility to take an accurate attendance each day prior to athletes entering the facility.  

All athletes and Coaches must complete the following online screening prior to arriving at the facility each day you are  training. If accessing the online screening is not possible a paper screening must be completed when you arrive on site: 

Masks are mandatory throughout the building, and on the pool deck when not in the water. 

Follow handwashing, sanitizing and physical distancing protocols in all areas including change rooms and pool deck. 

Athletes should arrive with their water bottle full and should use the washroom at home prior to coming to practice. Water  fountains will not be available. Athletes are not to share water bottles. Public washrooms will be available.  

Only clothing and equipment required for training purposes will be brought to the training sites. Extra equipment will not  be provided.  

Parents, guardians and family members are not permitted onto the pool deck but may remain in the park area during  practice times.  

All first aid and rescue response will be coordinated by City of Windsor lifeguard staff with the assistance of coaching staff  as required. City of Windsor aquatic staff will be trained in COVID-19 specific protocol and will don and use additional  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as appropriate 


Team members will follow facility instructions for drop-off, pick-up and access. 

i. Pool deck gate will open 10 minutes prior to start of your practice time. 

ii. Pool deck gate will be locked 10 minutes after the start of your practice time.  

iii. Please walk directly to the designated chairs on deck to drop off bags and personal belongings. iv. Athletes must wait at their chairs with masks on until the lifeguard informs them they can enter the water. v. Athletes will remove their face masks, approach the pool and do a staggered entry from both ends of the lane for practice to begin.  

When possible, team members should use private transportation and avoid carpooling. 

i. Travel to the pool for training will be direct with no non-essential stops. 

ii. If a private vehicle is not available, individuals must wear gloves and a mask while using public transportation. After completion of practice 

i. Athletes will exit the pool, dawn their masks and dry off 

ii. Exit the facility via the designated change rooms.



Place your items on one of the chairs available on deck. 

Masks are the last item removed before entering the pool. 

When speaking with your team members, make sure there is 2m physical distancing or team members are still donning  their masks. 

The outdoor training pools will be configured into double lanes to maximize physical distancing.  Swimmers will start from both ends of the lanes to maintain physical distancing and swim in a circular pattern. 

Ladders and chairs will be wiped down/disinfected after each training session with attention to surface areas touched or  breathed upon. 

Swimmers will be encouraged to keep their hands away from their face. 


There will be no dryland practices at the outdoor training pools. 


To help reduce the spread of infections and illness the following cleaning practices are recommended: 

i. Athletes, coaches and staff should be instructed with any emerging safety and cleaning guidelines. ii. The club will designate the person/persons responsible for cleaning areas and equipment after each user. iii. Appropriate protective equipment is required for people cleaning equipment between rotations or at the end  of day, and hands need to be washed between each new set of gloves. 

iv. Clean surfaces using a disinfectant such as Virox or Oxivir. For proper disinfection, these products should be  applied to surfaces, allowed to sit wet for 1 or 5 minutes respectively, wiped once using one side of a cloth,  and then turn the cloth over and wipe again or using a disposable cloth. 


Don your mask. 

Male and Female change rooms are available for quick post-swim changing. 

Family change room at Booster Pool is available as a direct route out of the facility.  

Change room capacities during post-swim changing is 2. 


Washroom use is for emergencies only. 

Individuals can use the change room stalls for a quick change.  

There is no shower use in the change room at this time.



In the case of a weather event where the pool must be evacuated:  

I. Athletes will exit the water and dawn their masks. 

II. Athletes and coaches may utilize the change rooms as an emergency shelter while maintaining physical distancing  of 2 metres.  

III. If weather event passes, athletes may regain entry into the pool for the remainder of practice once the lifeguards  have given approval to do so.  

IV. If weather event persists and practice is canceled, athletes and coaches will exit via the designated exit and  lifeguards will ensure proper communication with the recreation assistant to ensure lane rental is canceled at no  charge to the club.