Head Coach Report

Much like everyone who's reading this note, I am looking forward to having our swimmers back in the pool in the near future. With the current situation stabilizing, we are vigorously planning for a safe return to training with our facility partners. The Swim Ontario Coaches Committee (which I seat on) is also meeting regularly to discuss racing opportunities for all swimmers once the government allows the pools to reopen. Our Return to Training protocols are already in place and we are just waiting for the ‘Go’.

If you ever read some of my notes regarding goal settings, you probably remember that writing them down is the key to success. It allows you to boost your motivation, track your progress and hold yourself accountable. During this downtime, this is exactly what the board and myself have been doing. We are currently finalizing our 4-year strategic plan to help us achieve our goals as a club in and out of the pool (performances, culture and structure). It is a long process, but will help our staff and volunteers focus on improving our club while fulfilling our mission. Once reviewed and approved, a one-page version will be shared with you all!



President's Message
February 2021

Hello Whitby Swimming Families!

Welcome back to the second part of our season.

I would like to thank all our families for your support and understanding and join you in looking forward to eventually getting all Whitby Swimmers back into the pool.

Our first part of the 2020-2021 season was a great success and you can count on us to work hard in making the second part a success as well. 

We have a dedicated team of Coaches who continually strive to meet and exceed programming for all groups.  I wish to thank the Coaches for putting all of you first and making sure we can deliver the best experience possible.





Swimming Across the Border:
An Interview with Emily Vandenberg

In this interview, we talk with Emily Vandenberg, whose swimming career has taken her from Durham to Denver University.  A former age-group national record holder, she talks about her journey to US College athletics, how she balances athletics and academics and provides advice to swimmers looking to follow in her footsteps.



Why We Fundraise

Whitby Swimming is a not-for-profit organization with over 140+ swimmers in our competitive and Masters programs.  Within our growing club, there are Intro swimmers up to National level and University competitors.  Our fundraising efforts go directly towards the cost of pool time, coaching, technical training and equipment (lane ropes, electronic timing, dive blocks, speakers for coaches).  With the reduction in the number of swimmers in a lane due to COVID, our fundraising initiatives are important, now more than ever! 




Swim Parent 101: Why do I need to do “Officials” training?

At a swim meet we need about 40 to 70 officials for every 3-4 hour session.  Over the course of a four-day meet that can translate to more than 700 official slots. Whitby Swimming typically hosts 3 meets a year. So finding officials to support every session is critical to our ability to successfully hold meets.