Head Coach Report - March 2021

Hello there,

As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to take some time to celebrate. I know, it seems completely counterintuitive to celebrate, since we all know someone who lost the battle to the virus, but as you know, I like to focus on the positive and celebrate the small wins. 

Small is usually dull. No one really cares about the little things, the small steps. They want to see the big achievements, the big goals, the big trophy. But eh, we need to start somewhere and let’s be happy about the little things today.

Here are some small wins that happened over the last year I want to recognize today:

  • Together, in April, we ran the equivalent of the distance between Whitby and Tokyo.
  • With the help of our volunteers, we organized an end-of-year celebration for the swimmers accomplishments.
  • We were able to reorganize the group structure to allow all our competitive swimmers to come back.
  • Everytime we were allowed to be back in a pool, we were back in right from day 1.
  • Our houses are clean (or cleaner).
  • We ran over 800 in-person swimming and dryland sessions with zero transmission reported.
  • We supported our community during these difficult times by raising over $2,000 for Feed the Need in Durham. 
  • We now all have some sort of mini gym at home.
  • We solidified our relationship with the Town of Whitby and the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.
  • We officially have one homegrown swimmer invited to the Olympic Trials in May.
  • We developed a four-year strategic plan to help our swimmers achieve their performance objectives and to help the staff and volunteers strengthen and expand the club.
  • But the most important one of all, the swimmers are having a good time in the pool and are still progressing, even if we don’t have swim meets to track the progress.

Oh, did I say little was boring? I guess not! When you add up all the little wins (and trust me, there are a lot more), it’s easy to realize that all of them help us be better. In the long term, all the progress we’ve made will translate into a stronger and more united club. 

In the meantime, keep washing your hands ;)

Olivier Renaud