February 28 Update - 10AM

Good morning everyone!

Swim-A-Thon is just around the corner, here is the final info:

Saturday February 29
7-9:30 AM at TPASC

** We ask Elite, Junior Elite and Senior swimmers to be on deck at 6:30AM if possible, as they will be lane leaders and I'd like to give explanations, and maybe allow them to bank a few KMs before the start.
** For all swimmers not having an access card to TPASC, please meet at 6:45AM with your coach in the lobby and you will all go through the gates at the same time


We got some good results so far (over 85% of our goal reached). You can still raise funds until Monday.
Last chance to send an email to your friends / family for some support!

We have a target of swimming a total of 500KM altogether. 


Most of the prizes will be given in the leadership room (we have a direct pool access) during and after the swim-a-thon.
Everything should be finished at around 9:30AM.



February 24 Update - 1PM

Less than one week left until our big event on Saturday, February 29th at TPASC. We are 75% there! 


We still have some swimmers who have not raised any fundsNow is the time! You can do it! Any team with all their swimmers raising funds will be recognized at the event!

  1. Junior Elite –1 Swimmer needs to raise funds
  2. JAG B – 1 Swimmer needs to raise funds
  3. Intro – 2 Swimmers need to raise funds
  4. JAG A – 3 Swimmers need to raise funds
  5. Elite – 4 Swimmers need to raise funds 
  6. TAG A – 3 Swimmers need to raise funds 
  7. TAG B – 6 Swimmers need to raise funds 
  8. Senior – 5 Swimmers need to raise funds 

The top 2 fundraisers of each team will receive a special prize. Some very close races right now. 

Leading right now are:

  1. Junior Elite –1.$500 Kaylee 2. $450 Sohnal 3. $360 Elly 
  2. JAG B – 1. $600 Lena 2. $355 Valencia $275 Alexis
  3. Intro – 1. $320 Jack 2. $315 Logan 3. $275 Megan 
  4. JAG A – 1. $540 Bronwyn 2. $500 Andrew 3. $300 Emma
  5. Elite – 1. $730 Ian 2. $710 Meg 
  6. TAG A – 1. $390 Avery 2. $300 Abigail  3. $290 Grace 
  7. TAG B – 1. $295 Taylor L. 2. Gus $290 
  8. Senior  1. $300 Mikaela $275 Emma 

EXTENDED UNTIL end of day today! You need to have $100 in your family account(s) before midnight Feb 24. to get a swimming grab bag for your swimmer(s) at the event. 

This will include snacks, so please get your donations in!


The Top Team Raising funds overall will win Pizza for their Team! It’s a very close race as the last week we tend to see more donations. Any team can still win.

  1. $3,120 Junior Elite
  2. $2,855 Elite
  3. $2,587 Intro
  4. $2,482 Top Age Group A
  5. $2,470 Junior Age Group B
  6. $2,307 Junior Age Group A
  7. $2,025 Top Age Group B
  8. $990    Senior*


  • Any family raising $275 or more will get an entry into two draws.

    • Draw will be held at the event!

    • Head-to-Head Cap signed by previous national team members

    • Swim-Canada t-shirt signed by Canadian Team at the 2019 World Champs.

    • We have 34 swimmers eligible currently for this draw. 

SWIMMING GRAB BAGAny family who has $100 in funds in their Swim-A-Thon account before midnight Feb 24 will get a special grab bag for their swimmers at Swim-A-Thon and be eligible for prize draws at the event.

SWIMMING PRIZE PACK: The swimmer with the greatest number of donations from different donors from January 1st to February 29th will win a swimming prize pack at the event.

Bronwyn is leading; Lena is not far behind! Followed by Megan, Valencia & Gus.

The Top Swimmer to raise the most Money Overall will win a $70 gift card, 2nd place will get $50 gift card. Families will be split by the number of swimmers. It’s a very close race!

  1. $730 Ian Johnson     
  2. $710 Megan Drover-Smith  
  3. $600 Lena Kassim
  4. $540 Bronwyn RenwicK
  5. $500 Andrew Davidson & $500 Kaylee Davidson
  6. $450  Sohnal Varatham
  7. $380 Avery Gilchrest
  8. $360 Elly Sirois
  9. $355 Valencia Fogelbach
  10. $320 Jack Butland


Thank you for your support! 

Questions? Email [email protected]

Alison Davidson, Swim-A-Thon & Fundraising Chair 

WS Swim-A-Thon Main Page:  www.ontarioswimathon.ca/ws