Whitby Swimming Hosted Meets

Welcome to the Hosted Meets Page! Here you will find all the information for the meets that Whitby Swimming hosts.
Meets Update

On 16 November Durham Region passed into the Restrict Orange phase of COVID response.  As a result the Town of Whitby has withdrawn support for our November meets and we have cancelled them.  Training for groups C,D,E, and F will proceed as normal on those days.  Right now the 6 December meet is still pending, but it is unlikely that the situation will improve before then.
When things get back to something close to normal we will be travelling around the region to attend swim meets and we will host other clubs as well.
  • A swim meet is a swim competition between 2 or more swim teams or clubs.
  • Swim meets vary in size from local meets through regional, provincial, national and international competitions.
  • Meets can be hosted by a single club or co-hosted by 2 or more clubs and can be located at any pool (not just their home pool).

Your Whitby Swimming team have been building a reputation for hosting successful meets. And we’re getting better with each meet we host.

It’s this reputation that prompted Swim Ontario to contact us to run the swimming portion of the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) in July 2017. This was very successful and we received countless compliments for our efforts. 

Even Swim Ontario has recognized us for our efforts at NAIG with a special recognition award at their annual Awards Banquet Sept 23, 2017.


Hosted swim meets are very crucial to the sustainability of a swim club. They have several main goals:

  • Give swimmers the opportunity to compete and improve their times.
  • Raise funds for the club
  • Opportunity to train members in various officials and non-official roles
  • Elevates the club branding within the swimming community
  • Shows off our ability to host quality swim meets
  • The kids have fun and love it (the most important goal or all)

You will be asked to support your club in organizing and running these meets. In the interim, if you have any questions on how you can help, please email me at [email protected]

Go Whitby!