Our Swim MEAT 1.0 fundraiser is now underway! 

Tips on how to get started are included below along with all of the details you will need to meet the club goal. 



Product Brochure

PriceList/Seller Form (For you to Track Individual Orders)

Custmer Order Form (For You to Summarize Total Across All Orders for Each Product)

Order Submission Form (For You to Submit Your Orders to Whitby Swimming)

Social Media Marketing Tools

Use our Social Cards and a link product brocure to let your friends and family know you are participating in this fundraiser.  We reccomend that you ask people to message you directly as we will not be able to track general orders received by the club.

Social Card 1 (right click and save to your computer)

Social Card 2 (right click and save to your computer)

Sample Post

Message: "Jimmy's swim team is holding their annual Swim Meat fundraiser featuring McGregor's Meats.  If you are interested in ordering please message me.  FYI my favourite box is their 6.5lbs of bacon.  Winter is long, bacon makes it better!"




Families sell boxes of high-quality frozen meat and seafood from MacGregor’s Meat.

It is a quick and easy way to raise money to support our fundraising goals.  

MACGREGOR’S MEAT FUNDRAISER provides us with a 20% return on each unit sold and those funds raised go right back to OUR SWIMMERS!


Each Saturday, there will be a draw for a prize!  Prizes include Speedo Competition goggles, Whitby-opoly Board Game, and Gift Cards.   Winners will be announced on WS Instagram each Saturday.


Families will be submitting their orders with our new online order form!  E-transfer payment will also be available for all orders.   The order form will be emailed next week – stay tuned.


OUR fundraising goal for the 2022 Swim Meat 1.0 event is for each of our swimmers/families to raise $50 by selling 5 units/boxes.   
Knowing how busy everyone is, families can also opt to participate in the fundraiser with a $50 donation/charge on their account.  


Email and call your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers sharing that you are raising funds to support Whitby Swimming by selling MacGregor’s Meats
You can also post on your social media feeds using the amazing posts that will be provided  
Product Information Brochure, Customer and Sellers Order Form and are attached below



1. Reach out to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers / post on social media feeds
2. Record your orders on your Customer’s Order Form and collect payment 
3. Summarize all of your orders onto the Seller’s Order Form to be submitted through the online ordering form by Saturday, October 22, 2022
4. Provide payment via etransfer or cheque by Saturday, October 22, 2022

*please include your swimmer’s name and group in the comment section of the e-transfer
*please make cheque payable to Whitby Swimming and include your swimmer’s name and group name in the notes
5. Pick up your order on Sat. Oct. 29th @ 10 a.m. & distribute to your customers


Launch Date: Saturday, September 17, 2022

Order & Payment Due Date:  Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Order Pick Up Date:  Saturday, October 29th, 2022 @ 10 a.m.

Location: AOP Parking Lot

Team Goal:  $50 in funds raised/5 units by each family


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email: 

Tanya Baglole 

[email protected]