Thank you for making our first Swim MEAT fundraiser a success!  Our swimmers and families certainly stepped off the deck with a splash to serve our community!  We raised over $1,400 for Feed the Need in Durham.  Our donation will translate into $10,000 worth of food distribution this holiday season!  

Total Proceeds:  $5650 

Donation to FTND:  $1400
All Tides Gift Cards Draw Winners
The winners of the three $50 Gift cards donated by All Tides are:
  1. Fionna Donnelly - Group G
  2. Ethan Zhang - Group F 
  3. Atticus Byl - Group F

Coach Olivier will be in touch soon with details on how to claim your prize.

Top Participating Groups
  1. Golden Porkchop: Group B - 92% participation!
  2. Silver Shrimp: Group C -  83% participation
  3. Bronze Burger: Group G with 76% participation   
Top Individual Sellers
  • Taylor Sauve: Group B - 34 boxes
  • Clare Hauber: Group F - 26 boxes
  • Logan, Rowan & Caden Baglole: Groups C & G - 20 boxes 
Amazing Volunteers
Thank you to our amazing volunteers who helped distribute more than 385 boxes of meat today: 

Dave Cormack, Leisha Gilchrist, Dina Ste.Marie & Monika Majzlanova