Meets 101

Meet Fees 

  • Meet fees are managed separately and as your swimmer participates in meets throughout the year. 
  • As your swimmer is entered in meets, the associated fees are added to your online account and will be charged to your credit card on file each month.

Meet Entries

  • There is a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes putting entries together for swim meets. 
  • Part of every meet is not only posting relevant information about the meet, but more importantly, we need to know if you swimmer is attending or not. 
  • For each meet, you will receive an email invitation to attend. It is imperative that you review the invitations and dates, and indicate if your swimmer is attending (accept or decline via the link in the email you receive) before the entry deadline/cut off. 
  • If this process is not done, then we are unable to determine if your swimmer is competing. 
  • If your swimmer is eligible and is invited, you must “Accept or Decline” the meet. 
  • If your swimmer is available to attend the meet and you would like them entered, please “accept” . 
  • After the entry deadline has been reached, your coaches will create individual event entries for each swimmer. 
  • Parents are asked to NOT choose the events for your swimmer. 
  • Your swimmer’s coach will choose the events your swimmer will be entered in.  
  • If your swimmer is not available for the meet please “decline” before the deadline. 
  • If you “accept” the meet but for some reason your swimmer does not attend the meet, you will be obligated to pay the meet fees anyway as these fees are paid well in advance of the meet. 

IMPORTANT: For swim meet entries – read all emails and accept/decline via the email link before the deadline.