Looking for swimming gear?  Check out our equipment partner, Alltides and don't forget to use your exclusive Whitby Swimming discount code at checkout.

Whitby Swimming members can now order a selection of spiritwear via the club’s online store.

Login/View Store

To access the online store, you must create a user account on this webpage: https://alltidesteam.com/login.aspx

Create an Account

To create an account, you must provide:

  • the swimmer’s name and last name
  • The Club access code is: WHITBY


Some of the items include personalization. This means you can get the name of the swimmer embroidered to the article of clothing. In the box ``Personalization`` please write down in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS what you have chosen to get embroidered (first name, last name, full name or nickname). This feature is optional at a cost of $6. This means that when you choose to add a name to your garment, an amount of $6 will be automatically added to your basket


You have until October 16th to place your order. Merchandise will be delivered to the club around the end of November.



If you have any questions, feel free to contact: Email: [email protected]