Registration fees are set annually by the board of directors based upon coaching salaries, pool fees and other operating costs. Registration is done via our online registration system.

The club, on your behalf, pays Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada fees.

Fees are set according to age group and are payable annually.

Swim Ontario fees provide insurance.

A Swimming Canada account will be set up for you after registration, after which you can add your swimmer and track his or her success throughout the year. (Please see www.swimming.ca for more information)

Fee payments - Fees are paid via Visa or Mastercard via our online registration system.

Competitive Registration Fees - will be paid in 2 installments; on the date of registration and November 1.

Initial registration and monthly fees are as per fee schedule included in the current registration package. All installments will be charged to your credit card used during registration.

Pre-Competitive Registration Fees  – will be paid in one payment. Pre-Competitive sessions are 8 weeks long and begin in September, January and March. Separate registration is required for each session. 

Payments – Payments are accepted through your family account set up on our Team Unify system, only via Visa or Mastercard. On an ongoing basis throughout the season, you will receive an email (Billing Summary) one week before the end of each month showing the amounts you will be invoiced that month. This email will contain a link to the website where you can review your detailed account information. Invoices will be automatically generated on 1st of each month and any amount owing(meet fees, uniform orders, etc.) will be charged to your credit card on file.  

If an installment payment is due that month then that payment will also be processed.  You will receive an email containing a link to the website to view your invoice and see what payments were processed. Families can sign in and view their account at any time and any discrepancies can be reported to the WD treasurer.