Swim Programs

Whitby offers Pre-Competitive and Competitive programs.

Pre-Competitive Program

Whitby Swimming's Pre-Competitive Program is designed to teach the core skills required for competitive swimming.  Swimmings will learn the fundamentals of each competitive swimming stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breakstroke and butterfly), how to execute flip turns and how competitive swimming practices are structured.

This is meant to be a fun and rewarding introduction to the sport.  

Pre-requisites: Swimmers entering our pre-competeitive must be able to swim a full lenght of a 25 metre pool without assistance.  They must be comfortable swimming in the deepend of pool. Typically, swimmers have completed Level 5 of the red cross swimming program before entering this program, but this is not a requirement.  Most swimmers in this program range in age from 6-12, but their is flexibility in this area.

How to join: Prior to registering for all swimmings must complete an assessment. To book an assessment, please email [email protected]

Register today: Pre-competitive assessments for Fall 2022 are now open. Sign up here 


Competitive Program

Whitby Swimming's Competitive Program is one of the GTA's premiere swim clubs.  Lead by nationally recognized Head Coach, Olivier Renaud, this team has been developing swimmers that compete at Regional, Provincial and National championships.  We've also become the  home away from the home club for nationally ranked and Olympic team swimmers from outside of Ontario training in Toronto.

Our program is rooted in the fundamentals with a strong focus on developing a life long passion for the sport of swimming.  This begins with our introduction to competitive swimming program all the way to our most top level Senior swimmers.  

Our group structure is designed to support swimmers at all levels of ability and skill.  Swimmers are placed in groups based on a number of factors including race times, ability to train, age and character.  All decisions about group placement are done by our professional coaching staff.

How to join: Existing competitive swimmers or those with a strong grasp of the fundamentals of each stroke, are invited to contact our Team Registrar at [email protected].  Swimmers may be asked to provide Swimming Canada times and may be required to complete an assessment prior to being offered an opportunity.