Speedo Race Again Challenge


Exciting results from the Speedo Race Again Challenge!  WGB in 10th place overall for Team points as well as some great showings from many of our swimmers. Use the link and scroll down a bit to the various categories.

Speedo Race Again Challenge Results-Stage 1

#9th place -  River Powell with 206 points - in 10 & under Women category

#10th place -  Mahee Patera Marchand with 191 points - in 10 & under Women category

#7th place -  Mia Barrault with 253.5 points - in 16 & over Women category

There are two more stages to look forward to before the end of the season!


The Speedo Race Again Challenge is a virtual competition open to all registered Swimming Canada club members. Initially, an Introduction to the Speedo Race Again Challenge will be held over a 1 - month period, and the balance of the challenge will be held across 3 stages, finishing with the final leaderboard rankings.   All swimmers wishing to participate must be registered as Competitive or Masters (pre - competitive swimmers are not eligible).   The Introduction to the Speedo Race Again Challenge will take place over a 1 - month period, from December 11 through January 10, 2021. This is an opportunity for swimmers to get up on the block and Race Again. Much like the Swim Again Challenge, the ‘Intro’ will offer an independent ranking of each event, over the different age groups and genders.   At the end of Stage 1, 2 and 3, a leaderboard will be published for all participating clubs and swimmers across Canada. Each age group will have its own leaderboard ranking the top 10 swimmers with the most accumulated points across their events. Swimmers will have 3 opportunities across the 3 stages to submit times and climb the leaderboard. The Top 10 swimmers at the end of Stage 3, in each age group and multi class, will receive awards.  Swimming Canada will continue to promote swimming as a safe activity while running a campaign to promote the Speedo Race Again Challenge, highlighting the fantastic work being under taken daily by our provincial sections, coaches, clubs, facility operators and partners to get swimmers back in to the water , the evolution to ‘ racing again ’ and  the progress achieved on the leaderboards