2021 AGM Coach & President Reports

Alyson Stopps



2020-2021 HIGHLIGHTS:

  1. WGB had a healthy registration of around 100 swimmers despite all restrictions and protocols in place
  2. WGB coaches philosophy: strong athletes in and out of the pool. Overall development of 4 strokes, endurance base program to ensure swimmers can reach their full potential at older ages and protect the longevity in the sport.
  3. We were one of the few clubs (if not the only one) being able to operate year-round without any interruptions. That gave us the opportunity to work under conditions that were somehow unknown and therefore difficult to handle: no competitions-no year end goal. Adversity is always a path for growth, and as a club, we were able to navigate these difficult times successfully, so we are ready to show wat we have learned and take a next step forward.
  4. Overall results during the odd 2020-2021 season:
    1. Our swimmers broke over 20 club records, especially the boys. We have made it a goal to keep targeting club records, as that is the legacy this club will leave for future generations. The faster our records are, the heavier our presence will be at bigger meets.
    2. Club participated on the “race again” virtual challenge ran by Swim Canada. Glacier Bears placed 8th overall and we also had 7 swimmers on the top 10 lead board (from 10 and under to 18 and over, male and females).
    3. We were the only club in Canada running official time trials.
    4. We virtually qualified 5 swimmers to provincials and 8 swimmers to divisionals. The meets were difficult to follow, and therefore our focus was more towards our own time trials and our own path. 
    5. We graduated 2 swimmers to university programs: Hannah Kingscote to University of Northern Colorado (who just raced for the first time the weekend of thanksgiving) and Aidan Harvey to University of Guelph (who is part of the ELITE team, which is the best group at that University!)

2021-2022 comments:

  1. Club shape: With less restrictions in place, but also with less lane space, we are running a bigger program with around 120 swimmers. Our staff is solid and so far, we are all doing well and having a great start of the season.
  2. Our goals are:
    1. To strengthen our 12 and under category making our swimmers more aerobically fit, evaluate them often not just at time trials but during practices, and make sure they are hitting targets assigned to coaches.
    2. To have a higher level of competitiveness in our 13-14 category, pushing our swimmers to aim for provincial level competition. We have a specific number of swimmers whom we want to be qualified for provincials and divisionals. Coaches are working towards elevating our standards and having more presence outside Yukon.
    3. Having Silvertips targeting National level competition and bring the whole club up. They have a job, which is role modeling to our younger generations, and we work on that every day.
  3. COVID strategy: So far we are following what we are mandate to follow, and will keep ourselves accountable to keep our members and staff safe.
  4. Competitions: this is a hard one for me to report, because we have very little information as to which meets will run and which ones wont. What we have is the following:
    1. Our local events are so guaranteed, provided there is no change on our restrictions and regulations due to COVID. For major meets like Ryan Downing and Yukon Champs we even have room for some spectators.
    2. Outside meets will be added as we have more information. So far Christmas cracker is one possibility, and we encourage brown bears and up to attend if the meet is a go and if you feel safe travelling. It is difficult to run a year without competitions, so we encourage you to take on the opportunities if they arise.
  5. Communication: We ask that for any questions you might have regarding attendance, program, practices and event for your kids, to please email your coach directly instead of the clubs email. This way, you will get a faster and more accurate answer. We try to share as much information as we can to all our families through emails and social media. We do have some exciting plans to keep the club advancing and engaged, and we are ready to take on any challenge if this is to be another difficult year. WE do have an incredible group of talented swimmers across all our groups, and this is highly motivating for coaches. Remember, any goal is possible if we put our minds and efforts to it, and I believe our club is just getting started and the future is bright.

While we are entering a new phase in this COVID era, we must remember that staying united, communicating properly, and staying positive will help us lead this club to where its meant to be. We did a very good job last year, so we are responsible to improve that path and continue to push harder so that our swimmers get to shine. I am very proud of all our swimmers and coaches and very thankful for all your support. We are doing good, so let’s keep going!




Maria del Carmen Escobar Torres

Head Coach

Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club.



President’s report (Marni Delaurier)

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors from the 2020/21 Swim season. We had a brand new Executive this year, we had work hard to learn the ropes but we worked very well together and accomplished many great things in a year with many restrictions.  I want to thank our Vice President Sheldon Cull, Treasure Maria Hallock and Secretary Ellen Thomas. It has been great working along side of you. To the rest of the Board of Directors, Cam Kingscote, Lisa Harvey, Fiona Bakica and Randy Hallock. Thank you for your dedicated hours and hard work to the club, we could not have had a great year without you.  I want to take a moment to specifically thank our three long term Board Members who have each been on the Board in various roles for over a decade and all three are retiring from the board!

Cam – Not only served as Vice president for many year, he also spent countless hours as the Meet Manager in the past ensuring meets ran smoothly over the years. Thank you so much for your dedication and service to the club.

Fiona – has been the coach liaison and pool coordinator with the CGC aquatics team for many years, ensuring we have sufficient number of lanes to operate our club and keeping a positive relationship with the aquatics team so we can run our operations.  She has also volunteered many many hours on deck at swim meets on deck. Thank you Fiona for your dedication and service to the club.

Lisa – has been one of our long-standing meet managers over the years (you would recognize her from being the constant person in the timing booth). She was extra busy this past year ensuring all the time trials we did under Covid restrictions ran smoothly.  She trained our new meet manager Fraser Pearce this past year as well to ensure an easy transition.  Thank you Lisa for your many years of dedicated service to our club,

I would like to present them all with a gift as a token of our appreciation.

I would like to thank our coaching staff – Carmen, Bronwyn, Shereen, Kayla, Saffron, Cory, Alexa, Brynna and our newest coach Amelia. Thank you for your commitment, passion and dedication to our swimmers. As the coach report mentioned there were a lot of successes this year and this couldn’t have happened without you all!  You all demonstrated resilience and flexibility coaching under a year full of restrictions!  Thank you very much.

I would also like to thank Alyson Stopps for her work over the past year as club administrator; we appreciate the hours you spend to ensure all the important back-end work is completed and your support to the parents, coaches and the board. Thank you!

Thank you to Doug Petriw our referee. We appreciate your dedication to the club and to our swimmers. Thank you for your many hours you spend on deck and teaching our officials courses!

Thank you to all the parents for volunteering this year on deck. As mentioned we ran many time trials and Yukon Champs, we can only run those successfully with your support. Thank you for taking training and spending the hours on deck, all the swimmers appreciate it!

I would like to highlight a few of our board successes this pat swim season:

  1. Applied for and received COVID relieve funding from Sport Yukon.  We used this to refunded the fee increase that was applied at the beginning of the season. It paid for the Speedo Challenge virtual races and the extra lanes we needed to purchase due to restrictions of less swimmers in each lane. We applied for and received funding through Lotteries Yukon to purchase new timing and starting equipment that will be installed by the Ryan Downing swim meet. We also recently applied for funding through the Canadian Tire Jump Start program and were successful.
  2. We also upgraded our Website and the meet manager software
  3. We collaborated with and worked closely this year with Swim Yukon. They funded our Christmas camp, March break camp and the majority of our summer camp as well as paid for the time trials and Yukon champs so swimmers did not have to pay meet fees and minimal camp fees. They also funded the dryland and sports mental training for our senior squads, as well, paid for a variety of dryland equipment and on-deck training tools for all swimmers.  Thank you for working so closely with us to support our club.
  4. We trained some young new coaches over the past season through mentorship with our senior coaches. This has been very successful and we are proud to see our current and past older swimmers interested in staying involved in the club through coaching.
  5. We welcomed over 30 new swimmers to the club this fall and continue to have a healthy interest in our program.


Thank you all for a great year in the pool and for supporting the board of directors.  I enjoyed being the President this year and working hard to ensure the continued success of the Whitehorse Glacier Bears.

Thank you

Marni Delaurier, President WGB