Whitehorse Glacier Bears Officiating Requirements 2021-2022 Season


Squad Name Officiating Level Requirements Officiating Session Requirements
Gummy Bears Nil Help Deck Support Jobs (1 session)
Teddy Bears Level 1 training Timer (2)---including job shadow                            Help/Deck Support (1)
Cubs Level 1 training Timer (3)---not including job shadow
Help/Deck Support (1)
Black Bears Level 1 certification Timer (4)----not including job shadow
Brown Bears Level 1 certification                                                   Take Stroke & Turn Clinic                                         Start Level 2 certification                                      Review Social Media Guidelines  Timer (2)                                                                                Stroke & Turn (2)----including job shadow
Polar Bears Level 1 & 2 certification                                                    Review Social Media Guidelines Level 2 (6)
Grizzlies Leve 2 certification                                                  Review Social Media Guidelines  Level 1 (1)                                                                               Level 2 (3) 
Kodiaks Level 2 certification                                                   Take 2 additional courses at Level 2                      Review Social Media Guidelines Level 2 ( 7)                                                                      Work on additional certification
Silver Tips Leve 2 certification                                                    Take 2 courses Level 2                                          Review Social Media Guidelines Level 2 (8)                                                                       Work on additional certification


  • Deck Support jobs involve: Safety Marshal, Set-up or Take-down, Clothing Sales, Teddy and/or Cub Helpers, Referee Runners, Heat Winner Ribbon Presenter, Volunteer Check-in, and various Hospitality Roles during major swim meets, as needed.
  • Must have Level 1 Certification (Intro to Swimming/Safety Marshal online course before advancing beyond Cubs).
  • Job Shadowing required before completing jobs independently.
  • Two Officiating deck jobs required independently to earn certification.
  • Please see descriptions of Officiating certification descriptions on the WGB website.
  • A $300 charge will be applied at the end of the season if required deck jobs/officiating are not met.