Refund Policy

Refunds/withdrawals from the WGB club will ONLY be considered by the WGB Board in one of the following two situations:

1. Within the first TWO weeks of the swimmer's "first splash" (written/email notice required to club)


2. in the event of illness or injury of a swimmer. Must be supported by a medical note. 

If granted, the refund will be prorated to the date of the written notice. If the withdrawal does not meet the criteria stated above and fees have been paid for in installments, then all future installment payments WILL BE processed.

ALL volunteer requirements must also be met during the remainder of the swim season even when your swimmer withdraws from the club OR quits swimming OR stops coming to practices.

The Swim BC registration fees/insurance fees, squad deposit and WGB membership fee will under no circumstances be refunded. An administration fee of $50 will also be charged.