Refund Policy

If a swimmer decides to withdraw from the club, Refunds will ONLY be considered by the WGB Board in the following two situations:

1. Within the first TWO weeks of the swimmer's "first splash" (first practice of the season) (written notice required)


2.  A chronic illness or injury that prevents the swimmer from attending the rest of the regular season (Must be supported by a medical note). 

If withdrawal is granted, future Swimming Fees will cease to be taken and previously paid Swim Fees will be prorated from the end of the month in which written notice was received, and refunded to the form of payment linked to your swim account. (Swim BC registration and Insurance, WGB deposit, and WGB Membership fees are not refundable). An administrative processing fee of $50 will also be charged. Officiating and Course Requirements pertaining to your swimmer's level will cease. The amount designated as your Fundraising Commitment will be owed to the swim club, prorated from the end of the month in which notice of written withdrawal was received. This amount cannot be raised under the Whitehorse Glacier Bear name while no longer being a part of the club.

If withdrawal is not granted (does not meet the criteria in points 1 or 2 stated above) then all future swim fee installment payments will be processed for the rest of the season according to the installment arrangement previously arranged at the start of the season. Officiating and Course Requirements, as well as Fundraising Commitments will be prorated from the end of the month in which written notice of withdrawal was received. If the Fundraising amount hasn't been completed by the end of the swim season then the amount that is due will be charged to the form of payment linked to the swimmer's account. 

If a swimmer moves up a level part-way through the season, Swim Fees will be set at the new rate at the beginning of the following month from which the move-up occurred. Fundraising and Officating Commitments will be prorated to the higher level based on the number of months left, however, these items will be discussed and addressed by the Board of Directors on a case by case basis when there is little time left to the season. 

If a swimmer moves down to a lower level (swimmer decision), Swim Fees will continue at the higher group level. Officating Commitments and Fundraising Commitments will be prorated according to the number of months spent at the higher level and months remaining at the lower level.