Policy Area: Tryouts/Club Standards

Date last revised: May 20, 2022

Approved Date: May 25, 2022


Purpose of Policy

To identify different priority groups for swim club applicants when scheduling membership tryouts.



Applies to all new applicants seeking a tryout to qualify for membership.


Summary or background information

As a new applicant for the WGB swim club, in order to be assigned to one of the swim groups a swimmer must demonstrate a specific minimum skill level as assessed by a Whitehorse Glacier Bears (WGB) coach. Specific requirements for each swim group can be found under the WGB club standards:

Due to limited space in each of the swim groups only a limited number of children will be permitted to try out for the club on an annual basis. Priority is given to existing members and any vacant spots would be open to new members.


Policy and Procedure

All prospective applicants wanting to try out for the swim club must email the WGB admin email address indicating the name of the child, age and a contact number or email for the family.

Swimmers will be placed into priority groups based on the following criteria:

  1. If the family currently has another child enrolled in WGB swim club.

  2. Children who have tried out in the past one to two years but did not previously make the team.

  3. Former WGB members who have left and returned.

The board of directors can allow for other special considerations not listed above on a case by cases basis. Those selected will be provided the date and time of the try out. Those not selected will be contacted and asked to try again the following year if still interested.