WGB has few leaders chosen by the swimmers, who accepted the role as a team or a squad captains.

Squads Team Captain Responsibilities

- Represents the swimmers from the squad

- A voice of the teammates- helps with a choice of club gear, talks to swimmers in the squad and speaks about the needs of the teammates, helps to make changes when needed

- To set an example for all swimmers in the squad and in WGB club, plays fair, inspires others, is polite and helpful to everybody around

- Directs the teammates and organizes a group warm up

- Reminds the teammates to respect every athlete, coach, parent, referee, and a pool staff

- Enforces a positive thinking and motivates every athlete in WGB club

- Recognizes his team mates skills

- Helps to resolve issues and relieve tensions among his/ her teammates who are involved

- help to organize any social team events for the squad

- a voice between the coach, our WGB team captains and the athletes in the squad