About Us

"The application of one’s self, to try new things, to learn, to achieve and to teach others in all aspects of life when growing up." These are the goals Wayland Sports holds and aspires to. We believe that to be successful and prosperous in life, we must first learn how to be successful and prosperous. There’s no better time to start learning and learn how to build a good life than when we’re young.

Mind, Body and Spirit

We provide positive, encouraging yet challenging programs of exploration and instruction to children and young adults – giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, overcome their fears and build a solid foundation for their mental, physical and spiritual health.

Wayland Sports/Wayland Swim Club (WSC) combines thoughtful, excellent coaching, instruction, support and balance in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Wayland Sports originated since 2002. It started with one on one teaching at the public pool which then turned into a full run facility with a few hundred of students. Our first swimming facility was located at Palmberg Road in Richmond. Starting 2004, WSC-Wayland Swim Club was born with some of our stronger swimmers which came out from the learn-to-swim Red Cross programs.

The Wayland Swim Club (WSC) was formed in 2004 as a privately owned swim club. It started out from a few young swimmers training at a competitive level that participated in LMR meets in the lower mainland. Since then, WSC has grown in size, from a small club to an organization comprised of swimmers in every age group and in every level of competition. We proudly represent our community as an organization emphasizing the sport of swimming through development of swimming skills, team participation and excellence in swimming performance. We respect the concept of 'team' and continually strive to incorporate activities into our annual programs with the goal of sharing values of friendship, team pride and support amongst all swimmers and their family members.

Our club is open to all swimmers; age 5 and older. The swimmers range from non-competitive, I can swim program (Swim Stars), Regional, 'AA', 'AAA' provincial and national levels. Our club's purpose is to develop competitive excellence, from a developmental level to world-class level by instilling self discipline, personal growth, responsibility, leadership and sportsmanship in all our athletes.

In order to enroll into our swim club, swimmers are required the following:
1.at least level 3/4 of the Red Cross program (for higher levels)
2.must take an assessment test with our swim club director: Coach Liu

We rented various Vancouver pool locations for about 4 years before the opening of our new facility at 12080 Horseshoe Way in Richmond during the 2011 summer. WSC trains out of UBC (junior provincial, senior provincial & national team) aquatic centre aside from our home pool.