2022 Otters Awards Ceremony Was a Huge Hit!

Charlo Barbosa

Congratulations to the Otters 2021-2022 Award winners!  I'd like to thank everyone for attending the 2022 Otters Awards Ceremony.  The kids had an absolute blast!  They dragged Brent Hayden to the photo booth and took a ton of pictures at the beginning of the event.  Seeing Brent taking pictures and giving out autographs to the kids was awesome.

The magic show performed by Kel the Magician was a BIG hit!  People are still trying to figure out where the bowling ball came from and how he put the serial number on the $20 bill.  We also got to watch last year's Boys Team Captain, Onur Gul's speech on the big screen.  It was definitely a moment that we'll all remember. 

Event pictures and videos:

2021 - 2022 Award Winners - https://tinyurl.com/2022ottersawardwinners
Photo booth Pics - https://tinyurl.com/2022ottersphotobooth
Isavella Barbosa's Video Collage of Last Year's Best Moments - 
Brent Hayden's Highlight Reel - https://youtu.be/4weFWDHadro
Team Captain Onur Gul's Speech - https://youtu.be/im_RlF9pMV0
Fundraising video for Starting Blocks by Adam Wong - https://youtu.be/iH9zfWdmY8Q

More pictures can be found at https://instagram.com/westvancouverotters.



More photos: