There is a lot to know about our sport. Here are some things that we think can give you a competitive edge.


Hydration - This article was prepared by our very own Samantha Zastre and Kian Karimiseffat.

Fueling Your Body to Power Through the Pool - This article is from Andrea McDonald, a sports nutrition specialist.

10 Tips to Improve Confidence and Success in Young Athletes - by Patrick J. Cohn, PH.D. and Lisa Cohn; A great resource for parents!

Post training nutrition - by Jimmy Zhang. Jimmy Zhang is an accomplished former Otters' swimmer and Team Captain. (added May 18, 2021)

The science of underwater swimming: how staying submerged gives Olympians the winning edge - by Anthony Blazevich; interesting article that explains some of the physics of why underwater kicking is important. Also, a classic video of how fast kicking underwater could be.

How to Develop an Awesome Underwater Dolphin Kick - by Olivier Poirier-Leroy;

MOTIVATION - by Gemma Durand

Cool Links

Swim Rankings WVOSC Historical Search - Curious about historical Otter's records? Swim Rankings has all historical top swims from the Otters, current or retired. It also has all times swam in Canada since the early 2000's.