Parent and Family Volunteer Policy


Our Parent and Family Volunteer Policy is vital to the effective running of our Club and its activities. It is required that each family completes the minimum requirements to keep their membership in good standing. When families contribute time through volunteering, they are saving money on monthly fees that we would otherwise have to increase substantially beyond typical inflation to generate the needed income for operations, coaching and improvements. Your volunteer time also supports the excellence of the swim program that benefits your child/children and contributes to a supportive and welcoming swim community. Volunteering is an important part of West Vancouver Swim Club’s culture. 

Members will be required to sign up as a volunteer at the Otters Volunteer hub.  Several positions will be posted for long-term as well as short-term volunteer roles.

The Volunteer Requirement of your membership obligation is to provide the club with a minimum of 5 hours of volunteering for the season (families whose child(ren) swim only in YDG (Youth Development Group) have no volunteer requirement).  Starting in 2022/2023, your  $300 volunteer fee will be refunded for members that volunteer for a minimum of fifteen hours during the season.  Five-hour family volunteer time is mandatory, while any family volunteering fifteen or more hours during the season will have their volunteer fee refunded.  Hours can be completed by helping with team events, socials, dual meets, chaperoning, timing, and many other positions. 

If your child is in the OSA group, you will be required to volunteer at one of the three OSA Dual Meets during the year. This obligation MUST be met regardless of when or whether your swimmer(s) is competing. Failure to fulfill your obligation during the year may result in forfeiture of your child’s membership for the next season. This commitment is needed to ensure the financial and operational success of our meets. 

1. Club membership & volunteering

A West Vancouver Otters Swim Club member is considered active so long as their dues are

current and their family/guardian participates in club volunteer hours. A member in good

standing is a member whose dues are current and has a signed volunteer agreement on file

with the club.

2. Overall expectation of volunteer commitment
West Vancouver Otters Swim Club expects families/guardians with competitive swimmers to volunteer at club-hosted meets and select special events. Families whose child(ren) only swim in YDG (Youth Development Group) do not have a volunteer requirement.

3. Volunteer hours guidelines
West Vancouver Otters Swim Club’s goal is to build a community where families will jump in to help even after they have fulfilled their volunteer hours. For swim meets we host, we will often need people to step up for more advanced duties that entail donating a little more of your time. We hope that whenever we need help filling volunteer roles, our families/guardians will not feel limited by the minimum hours listed in this agreement. (Note: swimmers are also able to fill certain volunteer roles. Please inquire.) 

4. Officiating
Officials, parents, and swimmers expect swim meets to have accurate timing and fair and equal judging for all swimmers. Accurate timing and fair and equal judging at a meet depend on having a full complement of trained officials. As a minimum, all parents should take the Timer clinic, followed by the Stroke and Turn Clinic. Swim meets can be a parent’s opportunity to participate in their children’s sport of swimming. There are many ways that a parent can help, and officiating certainly offers the best seat in the house. If your child or children are participating in a swim meet then your help is needed to ensure that the meet is a success. Clinics will be offered that will prepare you to participate in different roles at a swim meet. Swimming requires a strong parental commitment. It takes 5-6 years of working meets and clinics to develop a senior official, it is important for parents to continue their training.


For one session of a dual meet at the West Vancouver Community Centre pool, a minimum of 30 people are required as follows:

1 Meet Manager
12 Timers
2 Bell Ringers
1 Chief Timer
1 Lead Marshall
2 Marshalls
1 Starter
5 Hospitality People
2 Photographers
1 Food and Beverage
2 Concessions Coordinator



If you are interested in volunteering with Otters please speak with one of the Otter's Directors.

Club Officials Director (COD)
• Arranges official’s clinics and notifies parents of clinics put on by other clubs
• Organize officials for time trials and swim meets
• Maintains a Club Roster of Officials and keeps Regional Officials Director (ROD) up to date
• Distributes officials’ pins and certification cards.

Meet Manager
• Responsible for the planning and execution of time trials and meets (self and co-hosted)
• Ensures meet budget is met
• Communicates with Food & Beverage Coordinator
• Gives time trial results to website editor

Equipment Coordinator
• Responsible for the purchasing, promoting and distributing of the Otters team apparel.
• Keeps an inventory of stock
• Maintains accurate accounts of all equipment and apparel purchases and sales made

Fundraising Chair
• Present fundraising plan to the board at beginning of season
• Responsible for all the fundraising activities of the club.
• Create a committee to assist with fundraising activities and appoint a Coordinator for each fundraising event

Social Chair
• Arranges for annual club and individual swim group photographs
• Organize year-end party and any other club events (non fund raising)
• Arranges Club Awards Ceremony.
• Arranges motivational activities for swimmers

Travel Coordinator 
• In charge of coordinating travel for out of town meets
• Obtain competitive rates for travel and accommodation at out of town meets.
• Liaises with chaperones and coaches
• Prepare estimates and reconcile travel costs for out of town swim meets
Sponsorship Chair
• Works with the Board to create sponsorship programs.
• Solicits donations, advertising and sponsorship.
• Responsible for club’s adherence to sponsorship arrangements 
Public Relations Coordinator
• Documents a Public Relations plan and on-going procedures
• Promotes and publicizes all aspects of the club
• Responsible for arranging press releases and club-advertising (in conjunction with Board and the coaching staff)
• Maintain and update the Trophy Cabinet and the Notice Board in the Aquatic Centre 
Website Editor 
• Keeps web hosting services current
• Maintains accuracy of all information on the club website
• Receives all general website queries and forwards these to the appropriate person
• Obtains and publishes meet results on the website
• Updates website with photographs, coaches updates etc as needed.

Handbook maintenance
• Update, print and distribute the Handbook at registration time each year

Language Liaison
• Helps to communicate with our parents who are not fluent in English.

Social Media Manager
• Help keep Facebook and Instagram updated with images, stories, and videos from the meets and events.

Parent Coordinator
• Responsible for running 2-3 parent meetings throughout the year during practice sessions. These meetings are intended to inform parents of meet procedures, education about time standards, and other pertinent information. 

Volunteer Coordinator
• Recruit and keep track of volunteers and provide volunteers with support and a safe environment.
• Ensure that volunteers can work effectively. and assign volunteers appropriate tasks based on their experience and preferences.

Concessions Coordinator
• Coordinate all aspects of home meet concessions to include coordination of volunteers, purchasing, food, beverages, and clean-up.
• Work with the treasurer to establish a budget, manage cash needs, and finalize the budget.