Quote of the Week: If you never give up, you will never fail.

High School
Monday (Feb.17th): No School / President's Day!
Tuesday (Feb. 18th): Boy's Morning (5:30am-7:00am) Swim (1:50pm-3:00pm)**Suit Fitting & Lane Assignments / Polo Program- Deck Maintenance / Clean Up Day (1:50pm-4:00pm)
Wednesday (Feb. 19th): No Morning / First Swim Practice (1:50pm-4:30pm) 
Thursday (Feb. 20th): Boy's Morning (5:30am-7:00am) Swim Practice (1:50pm-4:30pm)
Friday (Feb. 21st): No Morning / Swim Practice (1:50pm-4:30pm)
Saturday-Sunday (Feb. 22nd-23rd): OFF / Rest, Relax, & Catch up on Homework