Attendance Policy for the 2022 Water Polo Season



Attendance Policy for the 2022 Water Polo Season

The 2022 Water Polo Season is fast approaching. For the 2022 Season, your grade for this class will be based on your ATTENDANCE. Multiple missed practices may result in the following:

*A drop to a lower grade

*Being pulled from the upcoming competition

If you miss practice for ANY REASON, please contact our coaching staff. Depending on the reason for the absence, if there are to be any consequences, those will be determined by the coaching staff.

If you miss for a doctor’s appointment, a doctor’s note is required to excuse the absence.

Example of how your grade will be determined this season:

Everyone starts with an “A”…We will have 30 possible afternoon practices this season, after 4 missed practices, your grade will be lowered to a “B” and so on…we will have 20 possible morning practices this season, after missing 3 practices, your grade will be lowered to a “B” and so on. Afternoon practices and Morning practices are weighted equally, meaning if your athlete misses 4 afternoon practices and 3 morning practices this season, your grade would be a “C”.  If your grade reaches the “C” level, your athlete will no longer be allowed to participate in any competitions for the rest of the season.

We understand that academics are important, but we expect our athletes to attend practices and all team functions. Time management skills should be a part of your student-athlete’s life at this level of competition. You’ve made a commitment to EDHS Aquatics and we expect and appreciate your commitment.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact me.


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