Quote of the Week: Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it with use

Due to the special circumstances, we are not actively fundraising; however, there are a couple of opportunities available: 

SwimOutlet ~ use our link to our Aquatics store and a percentage of your purchase comes back to us

Players Plaques Order Form~ Woohoo! We are back in business.We are renewing plaques this year, $100 will be due September 15th. You can pay by check or if you have a credit card associated with your account, you will be billed automatically.

  • New Orders: Please complete the form and turn in by September 3rd. New plaques are $150. Again, checks made payable to EDHS Aquatics.  

Annual Pancake Breakfast - Spring 2022 - Info to follow

Restaurant Nights - Looking for a volunteer to organize

Snack Shack - Looking for a volunteer to coordinate Boys, Girls & Swim Seasons. One per season.

Scrip - Looking for a volunteer to organize. It is already all set up. More info to follow.