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Monthly Swim / Water Polo Dues 

Monthly Swim / Water Polo Dues 

Depending on the month and age of your athlete, in general our fees range from $125-$175 per month. Due on the 1st of each month.  A $25 late fee will be assessed to your account as of the 10th of the month, if we have not received payment. Please make checks payable to OCWPF. Unfortunately, we do not prorate dues.

*Multi-child Discount…In order to qualify for this discount, your children must be in the same pricing program structure. There are certain times of the year that our high school athletes pay for a partial month, there are no discounts for partial months. (Multi-Ex: 3 athletes from the same family would all pay $135 each, then the discount would apply / if one athlete pays $135 and one pays $100 for a partial month, there is no discount)

1st child…$125              1st child….. $135         1st child…...$150          1st child…..$175

2nd child…$100             2nd child….. $110        2nd child…..$125          2nd child….$150

3rd or more...$85           3rd or more...$95          3rd child +....$110         3rd child+…$135

For insurance reasons and also for competitions, to be an OCWPF club member, you must also have an active membership in at least one of the following national organizations…

All swimmers must register with USA Swimming ($65 annual fee), we will supply the paperwork (no online registration)

All water polo players must register with USA Water Polo (usawaterpolo.org), this is an online registration (annual fee for gold is $105)…

There are three different levels of water polo memberships (Gold, Silver, and Bronze).  Please, no Bronze memberships, as this membership only allows practice and very few events. All varsity level players must have a gold membership, for non-varsity players silver is OK.  Only the gold membership allows full access. An athlete does not always need a gold membership, but upgrading a membership at a later date costs more money than retaining the membership originally.

When asked for zone: Southern Pacific Zone

When asked for club affiliation: Orange County Water Polo Foundation

(there is an Orange County Water Polo, please pick our FOUNDATION and not the other)

**Please make sure you also do the age verification

**Please download your picture onto your temporary card, when the age verification is completed, then print out a copy of your card and hand it in to our coaching staff (this is like a driver’s license, so please download an appropriate picture)

Please print, sign and submit a copy of the attached Release of Liability to Coach Swarm

Orange County Water Polo Foundation/ Tax I.D. 20-1196030