Quote of the Week: Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it with use

For those that are familiar, this is our "normal" summer routine...Monday through Friday from 7:30am-11:30am...and it will be the normal two sessions with a dark period at the end of July until the beginning of August. 
We are still working on our league evenings and tournaments and we will have that information go out in a separate email and website posting as soon as we receive more details. 
It does look like normal league evenings, where each team will be playing on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday depending on level and gender. 
Tournaments will be on the weekends and we believe we will start to get more news / dates in the next couple of weeks as Orange County begins to reopen in full.
**Please make sure that your athlete's USA Water Polo Membership is up to date and they have completed the online "Covid Return to Play form" that is now part of their membership in order for it to be valid. You will see it when you pull up the membership on the USA Water Polo website.
Here are the dates and costs for the Summer Training.  All games whether league games or tournament games will incur a separate cost.
June 14th-17th...Finals Week & Graduation / No Practice
Click on each of the sessions below, in blue, to see more details:
Please make all checks payable to OCWPF.