Quote of the Week: Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it with use

Summer Camp will run August 24th - 28th. 
For more information: El Dorado Athletics

NOTE: Please remember, in our Covid-19 world, circumstances change, sometimes rapidly. This is a "new" environment for everyone, and we know that everyone has good intentions, but mistakes are bound to happen, and schedules may have to adjust accordingly. We are excited to finally get back in the water in whatever capacity we can!

Athletic Clearance - This must be completed BEFORE the first day of Summer Camp or your athlete will not be allowed to participate! This is a hard rule coming down from the school board and will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with these mandatory items could possibly shut down our program! 

UPDATE (AUG 12): Parents who have registered their athlete for the 2020-2021 school year (EVERYONE--even the ones who have already submitted the Covid Letter) must log in and must submit an online signature for the COVID-19 Responsibility Letter. District just added the letter to FamilyID. It should not take more than a couple of minutes to log in and find it under "Agreements." The title of the document is "Athletics COVID-19 Shared Responsibility Commitment." 

  • All athletes must have a current physical and insurance card on file with EDHS Athletics
  • All athletes (families) must be sign up with FamilyID 
    • Be sure your athlete is "registered" under "Summer Camp." 
    • Be sure you have "signed" the "COVID-19 Responsibility Letter" under "Agreements" on Family ID.
  • All athletes must be cleared by EDHS Athletics  to partipate in camp. 
  • All athletes must complete Athletics COVID-19 Shared Responsibility Committment.
    • "Sign" the form on FamilyID.
    • A copy of the form needs to be emailed to Ray Elliott
    • Athletes must bring the completed form to the first day of camp. 
  • For additional information, contact EDHS Athletic Director: Ray Elliott


  • We are talking with the District Summer Camp personnel and our plan should be approved and up on this webpage soon (hopefully by the end of the week). Once that happens, you will be able to sign up and pay for the camp. 


  • $100
  • Checks, cashier's checks, money orders ONLY. 
  • Drop off or email checks to:
    PYLUSD Expanded Learning Office
    High School Summer Sports Camps
    4999 Casa Loma Ave.
    Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Summer Camp for Swimmers and Water Polo Players: (Tentative) - August 24 - 28. More details to follow

  • Returning Boys 7:15-9:30
  • Returning Girls 9:15-11:30
  • All Freshmen and New 11:15-1:30

NOTE: Depending on our numbers and what our various conditioning levels are, we may adjust athletes into different times as the week continues. 


  • All athletes will need to wear masks as they come on to the pool desk and also when they leave the pool deck
  • We will be staging in our "bullpen" which will be outside the west gate on the black top. This is where we will organize each group and then walk onto the deck in single file with social distancing iin place and again, masks on. 
  • After the session, athletes will leave through our east gate, towards the gym
  • Once the group in the pool is done with their session and has left the desk, we will take a few minutes to sanitize the area.
  • Then the the next "bullpen" group will be allowed onto the desk to get to their lanes and get ready to go. 

Restrictions and Safety Protocols

  • Social Distancing and Cleaning: We will be practicing social distancing in everything we do including in the pool and in the weight room.

    • We will be running limited groups or "Pods" through the camp sequencing, between 10-12 athletes.

    • We will wear masks on the pool deck and whenever else appropriate

    • There will be only 1 person per lane while swimming.

    • In the weight room, athletes will only use weight that they can do safely without a spotter.

    • Athletes will  sanitize weight room equipment before and after each use

    • Athletes will wash their hands and use hand sanitizer when appropriate
    • NO one will share  any equipment (including balls)

    • NO sharing of food or hydration

    • NO sharing towels, clothes, shoes, etc

    • Workout bags will be separated 6 ft from each other on the ground or bench

Pre-check questions before practice: Each athlete will be asked pre-check questions prior to letting them practice each day. (Do they have a fever, cough, or sore throat? Are they experiencing shortness of breath? Have they had any contact with someone with COVID?) If the athlete answers "yes" to any of the questions, they will have to go home for that day, and the school nurse will let you know when they can come back to practice.